Friday, March 12, 2010

3 years old!

This past Sunday, March 7, my middle girl turned three. THREE! Where, oh where, did the time go?
I'll never, ever forget finding out that she was on the way. Home from Ethiopia just four months with our new sons, we discovered child number four would be joining our family.
We were thrilled.
To know Kaitlyn is to know joy. She is fun, silly, opinionated, and sassy. She loves, loves, loves her siblings and has never known a day where three other kids aren't vying for her attention, giving her hugs, or wanting her to play. Now she is also adored by a younger sibling too!
I love my sweet Katie Jane and I so look forward to the various adventures that we'll share with her in the years to come!
Her party is tomorrow, but last Sunday she got to open some gifts from the grandparents after church.

I've always said that Kaitlyn brings such a fun, unique dynamic to our family, and it's true. She's the loudest and zaniest, even though in public she's the shyest, and honestly we would be so boring without her!
I love her sweet heart, her love for Jesus, and her determination.
Happy birthday Kaitlyn Jane!


Kevin Heldt said...

"To know Kaitlyn is to know joy." I LOVE and SO agree with that line! The birthday girl has a dad who is ridiculously smitten with his little Katie Bug...

joy said...

she's 3 already?!!!! crazy--wasn't it just last week she was toddling around your table in sm? happy birthday sweet kaitlyn!

Joanie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Priscilla said...

Our granddaughter, Madelyn Grace, is 3 years old today!! Oh, yes, where or where did the time go?!!!

Charity Hildebrand said...

She is just 6 days younger than our son Colson! Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

Amanda E. said...

Happy birthday to her!!! I can't believe how old ALL your kids that last picture with the three of them, the boys' shaved heads add at LEAST a year or so! ;-) What a great family. I love hearing how people found out about the presence of their little ones, too. :-)

From Diapers To Dorms said...

Happy Birthday to one of the very many Heldt family blessings! I may never meet you in person, but I am so glad that the Lord chose to grace this earth with such a precious little one. -Angela (and Family)


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