Saturday, June 05, 2010

Saturday stuff: a new favorite blog

Are you like me at all? Do you love love love discovering an amazing new blog? I don't know what your favorites are, but I love blogs that make me think and leave me inspired.

Recently I found just such a blog, written by an amazing woman who very recently went from having five children to seven children. Because she just brought home two precious little girls from Ukraine. Both girls were born with Down Syndrome.

Oh my goodness. I LOVE.THIS.BLOG. Maybe it's the fact that we are in process to adopt children with special/medical needs, but I love this family's story, and I cannot get over how precious these sweet girls are.

So please go take a look. I find myself hanging on every word and getting teary-eyed by simply looking at the beautiful pictures. (I also find myself wishing that she had not just moved from Colorado to Virginia. We could have been friends! Come back Adeye!)

God is so good. Adoption and love and family are so beautiful. Just go read. :)

No Greater Joy Mom


Mommy Laity said...

Oh Brianna! Thank you for sharing this. I'm in tears reading her story of bringing home Haven. I want to be like her.

God please cast out the spirit of fear in me!

Love you.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story! I clicked on the link and haven't been able to stop reading. So wonderful that those little girls have been rescued. God is good.


Janee said...

I've been loving her blog too. I found it on Reece's Rainbow a couple of months ago (right after she got to UE on her first trip) and am totally hooked. It's one of the first things I check when I go online!


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