Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday quoting

"The reason why we are tormented [by our restless spirits] is...that we are congenitally overcharged and overbuilt for this earth, inifinite spirits living in a finite situation, hearts made for union with everything and everybody, meeting only mortal persons and things. Small wonder we have problems with insatiability, daydreams, loneliness, and restlessness!"
--Ronald Rolheiser

I love quotations. Always have. In fact, I remember asking for a book of famous quotes for Christmas one year in high school, and receiving it, and loving it. I still have the book, in fact! They make me think and, for some reason, speak to my heart and soul in a unique and powerful way.

The above quote was included in our church bulletin this morning. What a good reminder for me--that sometimes earthly dissatisfaction and frustrations are merely a reflection of the greatness we're made for.

Anyway, I'm hoping to share a meaningful quote here each Sunday. And if you have related thoughts, you can share them. Did I mention that I love quotes?


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