Monday, June 14, 2010

The weekend's bounty

Before I tell you about my thrifting adventures on Saturday, I have to tell you about my exciting find on Friday. (It's the little things in life, right?)

We live in a fun, old, walkable Denver neighborhood. Our home is in close proximity to a street filled with lots of quaint shops and restaurants.

The kids and I were enjoying a sunny walk down said street when I noticed a bin outside of a little boutique that read "FREE". Well, of COURSE I had to go see what was in the bin!

Inside were a few pairs of shoes. Nothing fancy, but I thought they were pretty cute...and even if they're a tad big, they work. So I helped myself to a pair!

On to the next day. By the time I got to the school garage sale in Lakewood on Saturday, most of the good stuff was already gone...and the pony rides (???!!!) were over...pretty much just a lot of old, dusty junk remained. BUT, I DID score 13 sweet little white dessert plates (technically saucers) for $1. Not bad! (They'll come in super handy, because now I can serve dessert to our community group on matching plates. They are on the left in the picture.)

Then, I was able to find a few fun things at the ARC: four books for the kids (and one book for us that we've already read but wanted to own), a Tupperware collander (perfect for washing all the strawberries I buy during the summer), a brown hat (totally random, I NEVER wear hats, but this one was cute and cheap), a 1.5 quart pitcher in a funky retro color, a fancy dish (shown with my dessert plates), a jar from Target, a cute mustard-ish yellow decorative urn (which I forgot to include in the picture for some reason!), and a fun tablecloth that I plan to use for our weekly picnics at the park with friends. I got everything for under $30.

Books (I owned The Fat Cat when I was little!)

Collander (I heart this color)

Pitcher (nice and small)

So as you can see, another weekend of thrifting has come and gone. Not pictured is my partner-in-thrifting-crime, Anna, and the pink Barbie horse she bought with her very own money. (Oh, and my urn. I can't believe I went to the trouble to take pictures and forgot about it!)

And one of the best parts of bringing home my wares?
Watching my sweet three-year-old, Kaitlyn, set out all the little dishes for a pretend party.

What can I say?
I love free shoes and thrifting!


Kristen Borland said...


About Me said...

I have those dishes... pfaltzgraff heritage!

Nice find!

Angela said...

so fun! And...the dress that Kaitlyn is wearing in those pics was one that I bought at the market in Spain! Aww...fond memories. It looks so cute on her! I love it!


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