Monday, June 07, 2010

The two "E's": Easter and embarrassment

The kids.

The girls.

The boys.

The above pictures were taken on (a very sunny and bright) Easter Sunday. Yes I am just now sharing Easter photos. I figure I have until NEXT Easter to share THIS year's pictures. (You take all YOUR Easter shots outside of your old, detached garage too, right?)

Yesterday I randomly encountered two situations where people made a huge deal over the number of children we have. I think the word "crazy" was used in both scenarios. Maybe it seems crazy to most (neither of these people had any children), but honestly, when I look at these pictures, I'm reminded of what cool people my kids are. Each and every one of them. They crack me up every single day, and they make me really proud, too.

All of my kids have a great sense of humor...sometimes a little TOO evidenced by the fact that one of them just recently joked to my friend that, "Mommy likes to drink alcohol and smoke cigarrettes." Um...WHAT?! I do drink alcohol on occasion but I do not smoke. And here's a tip for you: kids say really, really embarrassing things. The more kids you have, the more embarrassing things get blurted out. Being out in public is a liability. If you're in, say, Costco with your brood of children, and you walk past a man with no legs in a wheelchair, I can guarantee that no less than two of them will exclaim, "Mom! That man has no legs!" as they point their fingers in awe. OR, when you're in Home Depot and a woman with short hair walks by, your three year old will say, "She looks like a boy!" A liability, I tell you. And don't think that you will avoid this. Don't be fooled into believing that your sweet, shy, mild-mannered child won't ask for prayer in Sunday School for your rash. They will. If they haven't already. (I now feel the need to tell you that all the other scenarios happened recently, but I promise I don't have a rash. And if I did, I would so not tell my kids!)

Okay how on earth did I get onto that tangent? Oh, something about how my kids are funny and cool and people thought we were crazy for having them all. Which maybe we are. Because now that I think of it, life with five kids, while awesome, can also be really, really embarrassing. Hmmm. At least they look cute in those Easter pictures!


Rachel said...

I bet the legless man and the boyish-woman both knew of their circumstances. It's the rash spreading, smoking stories you have to look out for! And I was SO thankful, and prayed silently through a brief talk with a woman with a "butt in the front" yesterday that my kids remained SILENT. Oh that would have been a hard one.

Brianna Heldt said...

Oh man. Yeah it was the weirdest thing, the woman in Home Depot totally DIDN'T look like a boy, she had a super cute haircut, no shorter than some of mine had been. Miraculously I don't THINK she heard. As for the man, not sure if he heard or not. Kids really are very curious, and even though we teach manners (no pointing, it's not polite to talk about people etc.) they still occasionally pipe up with things that I wish they didn't! Darn kids! :)

Bekah said...

Oh my gosh, Briana! They are so hilarious.

A few months ago we were having a girl over who Eva is 100% convinced is a guy (due to a short haircut). There is no talking her out of it. We were terrified she was going to say something. All day long we prepped her for it.
We finally got her to agree to "pretend" she's a girl. By some complete miracle it actually worked.

But I've so been there with pointing at people missing limbs, who are "pregnant" (but really aren't), etc.

The easter pics are very cute. :)

Brianna Heldt said...

Bekah heehee! I LOVE that you told Eva to pretend the woman was a girl! Ha!

My kids, because I was just pregnant last year, assume that any woman of childbearing age is pregnant. And on occasion they will ask. Awkward! :)

Paige said...

I love your blog Brianna! I laughed so loud at these stories about your kids and can't wait for mine to really be talking and embarrassing me. So hilarious!

Sam said...

Ha ha! Kids do say the funniest things! I work with children with disabilities and find it really interesting how they don't point out peoples differences in the same way as the mainstream children. I think because they are surrounded by others who are “different” they don't seem to even notice things like that - they just automatically accept it. The mainstream children I worked with however were so curious and asked questions about everything. I remember in my old job getting my hair cut and one little girl wouldn't talk to me for a week because she didn't like it!


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