Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nordstrom and Target have style!

I was so excited and touched to see that the anniversary edition of the Nordstrom catalogue includes a child who has Down syndrome.  He's the precious boy on the far left.  (Look how hip he is--check out that jacket!)

And the Target ad also currently includes an adorable little girl who has Down syndrome.  I don't know her, but I want to hug her--I love her sweet hair-do!

I have to tell you that seeing these children acknowledged and affirmed makes me really, really happy.  It's as it should be.  All of us, and all of our unique giftings and challenges, together.  Wearing cool clothes and playing with Dora.  Perfect as-is.  Just typical kids.

And because they're just too cute not to share on here, I'm also posting photos of my own two sweeties.  They each have an extra chromosome too! 



I know that "Down syndrome style" may have initially been intended as some sort of passive-agressive insult--but looking at all of these precious, beautiful children, I'm thinking it's actually a pretty big compliment!

So, way to go Nordstrom and Target!  Thank you for recognizing that children with Down syndrome are, simply, children.  As a soon-to-be-mama to two little girls born with Trisomy 21, I love seeing these sweet smiles in your catalogues!  (And, if you're looking for two additional models, I'll let you know when my girls come home.  'Cause I doubt anyone could resist buying whatever either of them would be selling!) 


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