Friday, July 01, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday {#26}

1.)  I'm having a lot of fun with my current series of answering questions.  My goodness, you people ask some good ones!  My answers are all turning out to be way too long in length, so sorry about that.  :)  I'm still accepting questions, by the way, and you can ask as many as you want.

2.)  We had some crazy wind and torrential rains briefly this afternoon.  Causing a HUGE tree branch from a HUGE tree to come crashing down on precisely the spot where Kevin always parks our Corolla.  Thankfully he was at work, with the car, when it happened!

3.)  Wednesday night, a sweet friend treated me (!) to dessert and coffee at Whole Foods, over by the Cherry Creek Mall.  If you're a local, have you seen their decadent dessert bar?!  And I had some delightful lemon gellato and an iced mocha, in case you were wondering.  (Could you tell I was roasting all day in the summer heat?)  I had such a wonderful time, and not just because of the dessert.

4.)  Today is Kevin's bi-annual 4th of July party at the company where he works.  Two years ago, at the last party, there was a crazy rainstorm that put a bit of a damper on the bounce house and other various outdoor activities.  Hoping today's festivities stay dry!

5.)  I made chili this week.  On a very hot day.  Not sure why.

6.)  I'd hoped to make it to the pool this week, but some of my kids (read: most of my kids) have colds, so we stayed home.  They all caught the aforementioned colds from Mary.  They have so much fun splashing around at our neighborhood pool, and are excited for swim lessons later this summer.  Get well soon kids!

7.)  I get so bummed out when I do something dumb and let one of my kids down.  (Which, sadly, happens on a regular basis.)  I'd wanted to sign Anna up for a day at horse camp this summer, as there was a SWEET deal through Mamapedia.  But, it expired before I bought it.  Ugh.  Major mom fail.  So now I'm trying to come up with an affordable alternative, because without the deal it is ridiculously expensive.  Here's hoping I figure something out!

Thanks as always to Jen Fulwiler for hosting these here Quick Takes!


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