Friday, July 15, 2011

Now I am 30 :)

Well, the day came and went and now I am 30.  Eek!  :)

Thanks to my dear, wonderful husband Kevin for his sweet blogpost, and to you readers who left such kind comments here and on Facebook.  I felt like I was at my own virtual birthday party!  (And I got to stay in my pjs that way!)

I spent my "in real life" birthday having a quiet day at home, and then went out to dinner with Kevin and the kids last night.  I can't think of six people I'd rather share my birthday with!

And while I don't feel any older, I have to admit that 30 sounds so much more grown up than I am.  (Because apparently having five children isn't being grown up?  Weird, I know.)  My life today is so much richer and fuller than it was the day I turned twenty (living with roommates, about to be engaged, still in college) and as I look back on my last decade of life, it has been really, truly blessed.  Nothing wasted, lots of fun, I've seen some amazing places, and known some amazing people.

I'm still working my way through all of your excellent questions and will be answering each of them.  It's taking me awhile, because they're so good!  If anyone has anything else they'd like to ask, please feel free to do so.

And, I have a super duper exciting announcement to make!  But you'll have to wait until Monday.  I promise it'll be worth it.  Because there will be much rejoicing.  And photos.  So come back Monday morning, because you won't want to miss it!  (Think best.birthday.present.ever.!!!)

Thank you again dear readers for your sweet comments, and for faithfully reading along for a long time or for a little time.  I've so enjoyed getting to share my life with you in this space, and now I get to blog as a 30 year old.  Yay!


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