Monday, July 25, 2011

(Part of) why I use words

People, I have to tell you there are some things in life that I'm just not so great at.

(Gourmet cooking, any sort of athletic activity, getting places on time.)

But there is one thing in particular at which I am downright horrible.

And it's drawing.

Yes, drawing.

Last night we attended a talk at church about the benefits of said activity.  Which culminated in each of us drawing a series of two rectangles in which we were supposed to tell a story that happened that day.  (Then we had to share them with each other in small groups.)

And let's just say that, um, mine was awful

The first (uneven) rectangle contained a pathetic stick figure, laying on a pathetic bed, with "zzzzzzzzz" written above them, and the second simply held the words, "Why do kids only sleep in on Sunday's?".

It's okay.

You can laugh.

I'm simply not an artist.  Not creative in that way.

The funny thing is, my kids LOVE to draw.  Love, love, love.  They'll spend hours gathered at the table in our schoolroom, sketching and dreaming and telling lovely stories with their pictures.  It makes me so happy.

But, it's not for me.  That's not how I express myself.

For years I've believed that I'm not creative, period.  Because I don't craft, sew, or create anything that could be displayed on my wall without much embarrassment.  But last night I was reflecting on the idea that there is something I enjoy, that is both creative outlet and therapeutic device. 

And it's writing.  Blogging.  I've always loved to write.  As a child it was dorky poems about butterflies, and then in college I would write long, amusing emails to the fellow I was dating in hopes of making him laugh.  Sometimes they were more serious musings on life.  I've just always loved literature and the written word, the way nouns and verbs and adjectives are woven together on a page to rend a smile or a laugh or even tears.

So I suppose I am creating afterall.  Perhaps not in an artistic way, or in a way that earns any money, but I like doing it nonetheless.  And most of the time?  My writing is more analagous to the stick figure I sketched than to Michelangelo's masterpieces.  But that's okay.  I do it for me.  It makes me happy.

Because apparently I'm a nerd that prefers writing to making pretty hand-made goods and pieces of art.  :)

How about you?  Is there something that you're terrible at?  What is it?


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