Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First moments

There is really nothing--nothing--quite like taking your child out of an orphanage, and into your arms, and walking away.  Away from their home for the past few years and away from the complexity that is, on the one hand, a lifeline...and on the other, a place no child should have to grow up.

And so on a Tuesday morning we showed up to Layla House, gathered our girls, and walked out of the gate.

We got them back to the guest house and waited to be picked up for our trip to the embassy.  Here they are in those first moments in a new place, with a new mom and dad.  Highlights to watch for include Tigist making us laugh, and Mekdes' jazz hands.  :)

And just so you know, these girls are every bit as sweet as they seem in this video.  SUCH dear, gentle souls. 

Goodbye, orphanage life.

Hello, beautiful daughters.

How truly blessed we are.


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