Friday, September 16, 2011

No doubt

If there was any doubt that Mekdes was unsure about wanting a family, that is gone now.
This morning was the girls' going away party at Layla House, the transition home where they have lived for the past couple of years.
There was singing, special treats, and much kissing and hugging.
And, while our daughter was so happy to see her friends and speak back and forth in Amharic, she was DEFinitely wanting it to be known that we were Mom and dad.  Giving us hugs as we hung back and watched, saying that we were "Mommy" and "Daddy."  So happy for us to be there meeting her buddies.  So, so cute.
Kevin and I both bawled during the singing portion of the ceremony.  We kept it together DEcently well, but there were tears.  So much emotion and meaningfulness (yes, that is now officially a word) as we watched our two girlies sitting up front, with all the kids clapping and singing in their honor.  It was beautiful.  And sad.  And lots of other things I'm still processing through.
We leave for Denver tomorrow night.  SO glad to be going home, SO anxious to start life with my two new daughters.  Today I found myself saying over and over to my oldest Ethiopian daughter, "Mekdes' mommy, Mekdes' mommy", while pointing to myself.  Then I said, "and Tigist's Mommy, and Anna's Mommy, and Yosef's Mommy, and Biniam's Mommy, and Kaitlyn's Mommy, and Mary's Mommy."  To which Mekdes replied (while clutching my hand) "Yes, yes!"  Oh, the preciousness.  My heart overflows.
Mekdes and Tigist are starting life as family girls now.  And I really kind of think it suits them. 

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