Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New beginnings

We are home!

Let me tell you, few things are better than reuniting with your kids after being gone for a week.  That is just too, too long to be away.

In fact, the ONLY thing better than reuniting with your kids is reuniting with them and introducing them to their two new sisters.

All I can say about those early moments is, the compassion of my children is unparalleled.  Their enthusiasm, gentle hearts, and eagerness to love their newest siblings brought me to tears.  Truly.  It was beautiful.  Something I'll never, ever forget.

Mary pointing and squealing when each girl came out of the car.  I think she remembered them from our court trip in April.

The soft hugs and kisses and "do you want to play with my toys?" from my four older kids.

And, well, the fighting over who got to hold Tigist.

All of it, just precious.

One of my biggest hopes for my children is for them to have open hearts.  Hearts that are prone to love and to serve and to give without condition.  And, I saw some of that on Sunday night.  A glimpse into God's heart and Jesus' love, all from my kids.  How blessed are we?

Amazingly, Mekdes and Tigist are starting to feel safe

Mekdes begging to sleep in her new room with her two big sisters--no more sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed, thank-you-very-much. 

Tigist playing downstairs with Mary Lu.  Those two are going to get into some serious trouble together.  I just know it.

I have to tell you that Mekdes and Tigist are two of the bravest girls I  know.  They just left everything've ever known, to live life in our crazy family.  And yet, they are smiling and playing and even doing some laughing.  For some crazy reason they're willing to give us a shot.  Humbling for sure. 

As you can probably imagine, looking around our dinner table now is incredibly surreal.  Seven children, seven blessings, seven signs of God's provision and of Jesus' redemption.  Truth be told I am oh so exhausted and I have no clue when life is going to feel manageable or normal again, but there is always the knowing that there are some pretty awesome people sitting around my table.

And we are finally all under the same roof. 

Life as a family of nine has begun.


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