Saturday, September 03, 2011

Saturday stuff

Love this kid.  To pieces.

Are you like me?  I always wonder what other people spend their weekends doing.  (Of course I'm also that person who, when driving at night, peers into houses to see what the inside looks like.  While I'm driving, that is--I don't get out of the car to do it!  THAT would be creepy.  :)  So, maybe you're NOT like me.  Anyway.)

Today we're busy getting bedrooms moved around and set up, hanging some fun new things on our walls, and working around the house.  I need to make a paint run at some point for a couple of super fun projects and I'm also planning to hit up the thrift store.  A local monthly flea market is happening today as well and, time permitting, I may go take a look there too.  (Hopefully I won't have any flashbacks to the last time I was there!)

Tomorrow morning is Mass and then later, dinner with wonderful friends.

Kevin has Monday off and oh, how I love a three-day-weekend!

Even when it's filled with house projects.

What are you up to today and the rest of the weekend?


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