Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Brianna!

Today is the 9th birthday Brianna has had since I've known her. The 1st one we had just met a few months prior. This would be the last July 14th that my heart still belonged to me: by the 2nd, I was in "trouble deep." We'd been dating 9 months, I was ridiculously in love and mulling over proposal ideas. I would decide on one and carry it out about 2 months later. By the 3rd, we were newly married and enjoying the last of our magical "kick-back days" (between getting back from our honeymoon and me starting my job) in our box-filled Goleta apartment. By the 4th we had moved to Santa Maria and were living in a 1-bedroom apartment that just 22 days earlier we had learned we were sharing with a teeny tiny little girl. As of the 5th, Anna was 5 months and we were smitten with her. By the 6th, the smittenness had only deepened. By the 7th, two little men answering to the names Yosef and Biniam had added their playful and loving presences to our now "cup runneth over" lives. And by the 8th, the little Katie bug with the big, blue eyes had already let us know that there was a new sheriff in town. We were smitten all over again.

Today, the 9th, I sit here in our new home in Denver thinking back on the amazing near-decade that I have shared with Brianna. She's out getting her hair cut and when she gets back, the kids and I are taking her to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Another fun night for the Heldt fam.

I'm so thankful for my wife. And I figured every once in awhile a guy is allowed to shamelessly tell the world how great his girl is. And you are, Brianna. You are a wonderful wife and a terrific mother. A loving daughter and faithful follower of your Lord. You're beautiful and you're funny and you make me feel like I can accomplish anything.

And your kids love you too, babe. Here's what they said when I asked them what they love about you or why they love you.

Anna: I love her--about when she goes--takes me to the park, to picnics, to the tea parties, that's all!

Yosef: Because I love her so much!

Biniam: I like to say happy birthday...she makes me pancakes.

Kaitlyn: (grunt)

But if my translation is correct I think she said, "I love her because she is a terrific mommy. She is very loving and patient and she takes such good care of us."

I couldn't agree more. Brianna, thank you so much for sharing your birthdays and all your other days with me. I count it a tremendous privilege to be your husband and the father of your children. I can't wait to share the next 9 birthdays with you. I love you. Happy Birthday!

(Posted by Kevin)


Anonymous said...

that was beautiful! kevin, you're a great husband.

happy birthday brianna!

- a new reader

ps, your kids are freakin' adorable!

I am Katy, said...

Ahhwwww. Happy Birthday, Brianna.

Paige said...

Happy Birthday Brianna! I hope you had a great time at the cheesecake factory, yum!

Mike and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to you! 9 Birthday's. You guys are old!

That was a sweet post, Kevin.

joy said...

happy birthday, brianna! congrats on making it to the big 9 years. what a beautiful post from your husband.

Jeannett Gibson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Super cute post Kevin! So, did we get a new fun haircut, or just a trim?

Hope you had fun! Miss you tons!

Laundry & Children said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Every woman's husband should be so lucky to have her husband be so bold as to publicly declare his love in this way. What a gift!!

Shana said...

Happy birthday, Brianna! And what a touching tribute by your hubby. :)

sarah said...

I hope you had a wonderful dinner with a midori sour and a BIG slice of cheesecake! :) Happy, happy birthday.

Carrie Haughey said...

Happy Birthday Brianna!

Super sweet post Kevin, I love it!!

Sugar Plum said...

how precious! happy birthday! I loved the kids responses. Miss you! b

Kristen Borland said...

so sweet, kevin!!

happy birthday, brianna!!!

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. This brought tears to my eyes! What a statement! You must be one heck of a girl - to be loved so much! Happy birthday!

Angela said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Brianna!! I want to take you out for coffee!! Lets set a date! :)
HUGS and Birthday Blessings!!


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