Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday thoughts

It's 17 degrees outside at my house right now. It's snowing. And windy. And I love it.

I just recently finished A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I loved The Kite Runner, and I loved this. SO tragic and beautiful all at the same time. How does he do it? I am terribly picky about modern fiction (and therefore rarely read it), and I adore this man's books. He writes the human condition and the complexity of relationships so, so well. And Middle Eastern culture and history is positively fascinating. I have developed such a heart for the Afghan people after having read these books.

Speaking of modern fiction, I have yet to see Twilight. You may not believe this, but the last film I saw in the theater was...wait for it...The Passion of the Christ. Remember that one? It came out in the spring of 2004. (I had four kids in Don't judge.) Now that we are finally sinus-infection-free in our household, maybe I can sneak away to see it. (Jennifer, did you end up seeing it yet? If not, wanna go?)

Last night I went to a jewelry party at my sister-in-law's home. SO fun! I am really loving living near the Mike-and-Rachel-Heldts. I got a big hug from my little niece when I showed up! My kids are still talking about "Aunt Rachel's pumpkin pie" and the other day Kaitlyn saw a picture on Rachel's blog and and yelled out, "AUBREY!" She knows her cousins!

Okay, that's all I think. It's still 17 degrees out, still snowing, and probably a good thing that I'm a natural homebody because I can't imagine going out into the elements today! Happy Thursday!


from HIV to Home said...

I did see it - with my mom. ;) Had Chili's afterward, too! But I'd be up for a girls' night with eggnogg lattes sometime!!!!

Mike and Rachel said...

Brianna, my mom and I are going to see it when she is here and Jenna may come too, you are more than welcome. It would either be an evening showing or naptime (2ish)on the Sat. or Sun. of next week. I'll let you know. We might see it in the Park Meadows area too since we will have some shopping to do kid free, so it won't even be that big of a drive. I'll let you know.

And so sweet about Kaitlyn. Ahhh... I wouldn't call it as much as a jewelry party as a girls night. Poor Farah, I hope she wasn't hoping for a slam dunk from a bunch of SAHM's.

Hauswife said...

You're right. Hosseini is so gifted. I absolutely LOVED Kite Runner & A Thousand Splendid Suns. He's a genius.

Brianna Heldt said...

Rachel ha! I felt bad for YOU, b/c you didn't get a bonus and you totally went to the work of hosting! I think I generally do buy things at parties, but not last night apparently. So keep inviting me and eventually I'll come through for you! Oh and keep me posted about Twilight, that sounds like a ton of fun!!!

Mike and Rachel said...

I didn't think anyone was going to buy. I was surprised Jill did because she has been to like 10 of these parties. I wasn't throwing it to get the bonuses(although I would have liked to get a few of the larger priced items for $20), I just love entertaining. I am honestly just glad to have it over with. This is a tough time of year for everyone.

joy said...

you haven't seen the movie yet?!!! and you call yourself a fan. i'm not sensing true devotion here, brianna. ha ha, i'm chuckling about the last movie you saw in a theater. that was a long time ago! and i'm not judging, just chuckling. khaled hosseini's books are amazing. i hope he writes more.

Emily B. said...

I totally agree about A Thousand Splendid Suns- amazing. I think I liked Kite Runner a *little* bit better only because I was able to get "into" the story a little faster (W/suns, I had to wait until about 1/2 way through to really see how the stories tied together). But regardless both were fabulous. I'm glad you liked them too... and I can't wait until he comes out with a third (have you heard of anything in the works yet?)


Angela said...

i'm still waiting to borrow your copy of the book! :)

Brianna Heldt said...

Angela I have it!!! I have that one, and the last one. I'll get them to you next time I see you!


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