Tuesday, December 02, 2008


December 1st was World AIDS Day. I didn't do a post about it yesterday because I couldn't think of anything to write.

I do have two kids whose lives have been forever changed by the AIDS pandemic. Because of the HIV virus, my sons have lost their mother, father, sister, extended family, birth country, the list goes on. To say this is a tragedy is an understatement.

And to think that even amidst such horrible loss, my sons are technically, sort-of, some of the "luckier ones." They weren't born with HIV, they didn't starve to death, they weren't relegated to a short life of begging on the streets or living in the sewers. Instead they found a family.

International adoption isn't the solution to the AIDS crisis. What happened to Yosef and Biniam's family just shouldn't happen. Period. I'm so, so incredibly blessed to have them as my children and yet I know there is another woman out there who wishes she could have kept her splintered family together. Who knows her daughter will not grow up with her younger brothers. Who would surely give anything for her husband to be alive to take care of them. How different her life would be!

Yet God is just. He will make all things right. Maybe not in my lifetime, but it will happen. There is hope. He wants you and me to be part of it...we can live out our lives in such a way that we are showing mercy, love, and justice to those who need it the most. Here are some simple (yes, I said simple) ways to take action:

Educate yourself about what HIV is and isn't, then spread the word
Sponsor an HIV+ orphan at AHOPE
Consider adopting an orphan that is waiting for a family
Contribute towards another family's adoption of an HIV+ child through From HIV to Home

And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly
and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8


Mike and Rachel said...

Ahhh perspective. As I sit her in my too big house frustrated by the excess of toys, doing my first of 2 loads of kids clothes, with the dishwasher running, completely full, but you wouldn't know by looking in my cabinets, drinking a beverage that came out of a can, out of refrigeration, out of our extra refrigerator, yet their are parents who cannot keep their children, children that are barely living because of lack of medical treatment. Wow. Perspective. That is something to take into this holiday season.

erica said...

Ah yes, i have to agree with the previous comment on perspective. Last week i found myself getting really cranky & frustrated while doing my Thanksgiving shopping...the lines were long, people were pushy & then a downpour came (after *months* of no rain!) right as i needed to unload bags & bags of heavy food into my car!

All of a sudden a huge wave of guilt passed over me...i should have been on my knees (even in the pouring rain!) thanking God that i am able to live in America where there is an abundance of good, fresh food for me to choose from. Where i have a car to put it into, and then a home to drive to.

So the point of this is, thanks for your great blog posts. They always make me think :)

joy said...

that verse always gives me shivers. it is just plain and clear. thanks for sharing.

Hauswife said...

I didn't blog about it yesterday for the same reason... No words. This is eloquent, Brianna. Thanks.

Mama Mote said...

Well said, Brianna.


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