Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Self sufficiency

A couple of months ago I was talking to someone on the phone. I finished up and went into the kitchen to put the phone back, only to discover that Biniam had made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All by himself. And he was sitting at the table eating it.
I guess I'd forgotten to put the ingredients away after lunch, he'd gotten hungry and decided to just help himself. Of course I HAD to take a picture!


Joanie said...

OMG his smile lights up the room. I like the haircut he's sporting too. Precious boy.

Rachel Slagle said...

so cute!! i'm sure my two year old would do the same thing if he had the chance :)

joy said...

teach a man to fish, right? maybe we should be teaching children more things so we can enjoy a life of leisure. they can cook for us!

Luke said...

Great photo!


curlyjo said...

I have a picture very similar to this one. So cute!


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