Sunday, February 01, 2009

Grandpa Perruzzi's treats

When we were still living in California (and contemplating a move to Colorado) we took a trip out here to visit and check things out. We left our oldest three kids with my parents for the week.

My dad started a tradition that week. Each night before the kids went to bed he came up with a very creative dessert for them, giving it a name and serving it on a fancy tray. Desserts like "Teddy Bear Parade" (vanilla ice cream with 3 teddy grahams on top and some chocolate syrup) and "Rocky Mountain" something-or-other (I don't remember what it was, just that it was a Colorado theme since we were in Colorado.)

Anyway, during our visit to California this Christmas my dad did not disappoint, coming up with a slew of new desserts with fun names. My kids LOVED it, and I seriously think he should publish some sort of recipe book for grandparents where he can share his treat ideas!

I know years from now my kids will still be talking about Grandpa Perruzzi's enthusiasm for fun desserts that he came up with himself just for his grandkids!

Random sidenote: my maiden name is Perruzzi (very Italian.) My married name is Heldt (very German.) Before getting married I felt like people always had a tough time spelling and pronouncing my last name, and once I was a Heldt that would get better. Well, guess what, it's actually WORSE now. NO ONE can spell Heldt, I get mail addressed to "Brianna Heidt", or people call me "Brianna Held", it's hilarious. Apparently Perruzzi was easier after all!


Kevin Heldt said...

My favorite was the one he did with neopolitan ice cream. I can't remember what the rest of the ingredients were -- just that there was some French/Napolean theme and the name was "Napolean Blown-a-part." Winning combination: sweets AND history...

Runner-up: I don't remember the ingredients (I think it involved Rollo's) but I believe it was named Dirty Birdy Desserty Turdy. Classic.

sarah said...

You don't know me but i frequent your blog so I feel like I know you :0)

I had to comment on the last name thing - My maiden name was Winkleblech and my married name is Ord - I felt like I hit the jackpot, but no. People at least took a stab at the maiden name or just didn't bother but I get everything from Ford, Lord, Ward, etc - more trouble than I EVER had before!

Paige said...

Those desserts look so yummy...although the names are the coolest part of them. What a fun Grandpa!

Joshua and Lydia Rich said...

hey Brianna, my friend Shawn (with little Lidya from Ethiopia) sent me your blog address...she thought we might get along...and from what I have seen of your blog, I think I might agree! We live in Aurora and adopted a toddler girl and baby boy from Ethiopian last August, which means we have three kids under the age of 4! my blog is

Angela said...

How adorable! I want him for a grandpa! ;) least some of his desserts!

I feel your pain with the name maiden name was hard to spell, too, and everyone wants to put a 'c' in our last name now...weird. ;)

Joanie said...

Wow those desserts are great. It's so cute to have to pictures of them, too. :)

I hear you on the name thing, too.

Kristen Borland said...

well brianna (is it held? helt? hee, hee), i would certainly buy that cookbook for my parents if your dad ever gets the notion to publish. that sound so fun and so special. and you can totally tell he's a teacher!

oh, and here's a question for ya. i saw a little blond mommy with her cute blond little girl and an adorable little black baby at target. she seemed quite friendly. i wanted to ask her if he was adopted, mainly because we are of course very interested in everyone's adoption story. i opted not to ask because i didn't know the best way to ask. what would you suggest?


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