Friday, January 30, 2009

More Christmas fun

During December the company Kevin works for hosted two Christmas parties--one just for adults, and one for families. Our sweet friends Adam and Karen watched our kids for us so we could go to the adult party.

It was held at the Wildlife Experience museum and was pretty fancy. Yummy catered food, a hosted bar, etc. (Of course, I was pregnant at the time so I couldn't take advantage of the free alcohol. When I asked the bartender for a water, he promptly put a wedge of lemon and a stir-stick in and told me that now no one would have to know that it was just water. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Because I'm SO ashamed to be avoiding fetal alcohol syndrome, and at 27 years old I must REALLY care about impressing my husband's engineering coworkers by DRINKING???!!!!!!! I didn't care in high school and college, and I surely don't care now. But I digress...)

After dinner we checked out the museum, nothing too exciting. But it was a great night and the first time Kevin and I had been out by ourselves since our anniversary in June. (Don't feel sorry for us, I can assure you we get lots of "us" time each night when the kids go to bed, and we're not on the brink of divorce or anything. We're just not the types of people who NEED lots of "us" time outside the house. (Which I guess is a good thing when you have four small kids!) At this phase in our lives, we are perfectly content playing cards or chatting or watching something or reading together.)

Check me out standing by the stuffed buffalo! And yes I do look pregnant, because, well, I was. :) My stomach was HUGE and I felt SO self-conscious because no one there knew I was pregnant. Oh well!

About a week later we went to the family party. It was also pretty high-class, which I wish I would have known ahead of time since my kids arrived wearing jeans. (So were other kids, but had I known I would have had them dress up, oh well.) The big highlight was Santa! The first time my kids got to meet him! Every one of them, including Kaitlyn, sat on his lap without crying!
The four kids standing in line to meet Santa.


Kaitlyn and her daddy.

Meeting Santa!

Anyway, it was such a blessing to get to meet Kevin's coworkers and attend these events. At his old job, they never did ANYthing like this (cheapskates! Ha!). Anyway, it was a ton of fun! (Even if Santa DID ask many an awkward, personal question about our sons and tell Kevin he better keep his job for the health insurance alone (?) We tried telling Santa our boys were healthy, but I don't think he really believed us. Whatever. I saw him pull up in a beat-up old pick-up truck, NOT a sleigh, so I really have to wonder if he's even the real Santa Claus anyway.)


Mama Mote said...

Oh, boy, Brianna. One of the things I wish Dan and I would have done was get together with his co-workers for their parties when they had them. We did go to the last two before American Eagle left SLO and I sort of felt bad I didn't know the others more. I did find out that Dan and one other guy were possibly the only Christians who others KNEW were Christians because they did talk about their faith with others. That was kind of interesting. But it was fun to get together the last time.

The kids, as always, look great. So do you and Kevin.

Mike and Rachel said...

I think that IS the real Santa. I'm pretty sure we have a picture with the same Santa from the previous year, so it must really be him. I am going to email it to you so you can compare. He also showed up in a beat up truck, it would be a bit over the top to take the sleigh everywhere, you know.

Brianna Heldt said...

Yes Robbin, I never did meet many of Kevin's previous coworkers, so it was fun to meet them and hopefully we can have some over at some point.

Rachel, HA!, I am cracking up! I can't tell for SURE, but it DOES look like the same guy. I think Santa must have eaten a few cookies this year, as yours looks a little thinner. Was his truck red???

He pulled right up at the beginning of the party in the main parking lot. IMMEDIATELY Anna asks why he doesn't have his sleigh! I asked her what SHE thought and I think she postulated that it was broken or the reindeer were sick or something. WAY TO GO SANTA! Sheesh!

All I have to say is, if that IS the real Santa, he is awfully nosy and much ruder than I imagined him to be!!! :)

Kevin Heldt said...

Rachel, I checked out the picture in question -- definitely not the same guy. You can tell if you look closer. And the glasses are different too which is a dead giveaway (though I guess he could have had a different pair last year). Though the beard is a different length and color. But mainly it's the eyes -- I know the man who repeatedly invaded my private space and it wasn't that dude with Ainsley! :)

Oh and the coffee thing from Wednesday. What's up with the full-court press where every coffee drinker feels the need to convert everyone else? Reminds me of junior high dances where the main job of the kids dancing was to pressure, convince, plead, and shame the other kids into dancing too. :) I just don't like the bitter flavor and I REALLY don't like the HORRENDOUS aftertaste -- the unpleasant taste is bad enough but when it stays with you for such a long time afterwards, that's just too, too much! Now, Brianna, if you want me to drink a cup of JUST cream and sugar, you could probably sell me on that...

Priscilla said...

Oh, what sweet, sweet memories you are making! It takes me back to when our kids were little! I LOVE the Santa---he is so CUTE!! At one of our big company parties, the had a Mr. AND Mrs. Santa, Paige, 20 months at the time (now 30 years!)would only sit on Mrs. Santa's lap which she did several times!!! Now, having an empty nest, Peter and I too love to stay home and play cards and listen to music or watch TV together (although I'd like to go out to dinner more hehe!!)but being home is so good!

joy said...

i love kaitlyn's expression in the last picture!

Brianna Heldt said...

yeah, clearly she was unimpressed. :)

Joanie said...

Brianna, you are so very adorable. Have you ever taken a bad picture?

That Santa had no class. Your story had me cracking up though. (My word verification is "cheastry" Should be "cheesy" to describe that Santa.

I know what you mean about the alcohol thing. Some people just don't get it.

Joanie said...

P.S. Your description of your couple time is precious.

It got me thinking, maybe Chris and I need to get out the cards and talk too...hmmm...instead of just checking email and going to sleep.

Anyhoo, I love how you SHOW that you cherish one another. You set a great example!

Mike and Rachel said...

Oh well, I guess there are a few santa-esque men in the greater Denver area.

And Kevin has a lot of pent up anger about coffee :), I think you should hold off on any plan to convert him for a few years. Another yummy thing though is hot coffee poured over vanilla ice cream to make a shake, and hot chocolate with a dash of coffee on the top, add coffee as addiction takes hold.


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