Monday, January 26, 2009

Feature article

This is an article all about a great organization called From HIV to Home, founded by my friend Jennifer. Her family is so extremely inspiring, and I am truly blessed to know them. She was one of my very first friends in Denver! (And to think that blogging brought us together. Yes friends, God even works through blogs. :) )

If you're considering adoption, please take the time to think about the many "waiting children" who are HIV+. If you have any questions, please take the time to get in touch with From HIV to Home.

On a personal note, the adoption of our own sons (nearly three years ago!) was not a "medical needs" adoption. While we were open to various needs, in the end we received a referral for Yosef and Biniam. We do believe any of our future adoptions will involve some sort of special need. After visiting the AHOPE orphanage on our trip to Ethiopia, we knew deep in our souls that God wanted us to remember the children there. Sometimes you see things and they change your life. That orphanage was one of those things. I'm sure we'll be back.

Part of me really doesn't like saying "I hope/plan/want to adopt again", because at the moment I'm not doing a darn thing to work towards that, and it's all just talk while millions of orphans are waiting for families. I firmly believe that three and a half years ago, God told us to adopt. I trust Him to show us when it's the right time again. It's hard to describe...I'm not waiting for a lightening strike or an audible voice from Heaven (but oh how nice would that be!--the audible voice, not the lightening!)...I'm seeking God's plans for my life...and I just know that if I'm actively trying to follow, trust, and love Jesus, we'll know when/if it's right. In the meantime we find other ways to care for the fatherless.

Well that was some rambling. :) All of that to say,

1). Read the article, and

2). Consider whether you might be interested in learning more about the adoption of HIV-affected children, and

3). Contact From HIV to Home with your questions.


Joanie said...

Wow. You are inspiring. I'm so glad you and Kevin obeyed that urging of God and brought those sweet children home with you. I can't wait to see how your quiver grows!

Kristen Borland said...

oh, i totally want to hear that audible Voice telling me when it's time to adopt. and it would be awfully convenient if every one in the world heard it too so we wouldn't have to go around explaining ourselves. but, that would be too easy, right?!


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