Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year

I am so not one to make New Year's resolutions. I'm a procrastinator, and a flake, and I figure if I don't resolve to do something, then I won't feel like a failure if I quit! Ha!
BUT, I had really, REALLy been needing to get into a cleaning routine. When we moved here a lot of our house was nasty and gross, workers were in and out, and I got out of the routine I'd had before (which also left something to be desired, but it was decent.) Now though as we're settling in a little more and have nice flooring etc., I need to figure something out. I was tired of feeling like housework was always looming over my head and I felt really overwhelmed.

Awhile back my friend Angela told me about a chore planner by Motivated Moms. Because I am so that person who will buy something and never use it (like the $40 set of Pilates DVD's I bought off an infomercial that I used, ahem, ONCE), I wasn't sure. (I don't mean that I buy a lot of stuff and don't use it, I mean if I DO think something's a good idea and buy it, I flake out. Therefore I am wary of buying things.) BUT, it was only $8, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Well this is my first week using it, and I LOVE IT!!! It breaks up the work and so you never feel too overwhelmed on any given day. My house is getting clean and I feel so much less stress over what needs to be done. I bought the full-page weekly chore planner, but there are formats.

The other Angela-recommendation (Angela you should really be making a commission on this stuff!) I started using several months ago is the fantastic Polestar Family Calendar. My 2009 one hasn't come yet but it should be here soon. (The cover is totally cheesy, but don't let that fool you, it really is great.)

SO, my new year's resolution is to be more organized about things. So far, so good! (But, time will tell. This is me we're talking about. :) )


Jeannett Gibson said...

For a moment there, I REALLY thought you had succumbed and had bought one of Emilie's cleaning books! I mean, the cover from your calendar is very Emilie-esque! Secondly, I have to admit chuckling at the fact that you bought something called "Motivated Moms"...not because I don't think you are motivated (hello you have four little ones!), but just because it's SO NOT YOU. However, Andy and I were just saying last night, we are going to HAVE to get more organized around here and stick to schedules if we think we aren't going to go crazy with I may have to jump onto your recommendations here! :)

Brianna Heldt said...

ha! YES, it IS very emilie-esque (though there is no mention of an ostrich feather duster...) and i know, it is so NOT me, in part because i am highly UNmotivated, but yeah it totally works! i figure if it gets my house clean, i'm in! (just so long as i don't have to make an apron for my cleaning supplies!!!) i am so totally thrilled that you are going from one to three by the way. not too many people get that opportunity. hold on to your hats, it's great! :)

this is us said...

You know i LOVE LOVE LOVE that calendar. My 2009 came last week - I'm a little sad to see all those emtpy squares fill up with to-do items though. :)

I am Katy, said...

I just recently started a cleaning schedule too. It's really helped to get Chuck on board with helping more with house work because now it is very clear what needs done still without him having to ask me. I'll have to check out the one you mentioned. We just made a spreadsheet with boxes to check off each day, but are finding that it still needs some tweaking to be more user friendly.

Now if only I could get more organized when it comes to meal planning. I really don't enjoy cooking and it shows.

Joanie said...

Wow, this is neat. I'm always making up different lists. It's one of my favorite ways to procrastinate ACTUALLY getting things done! (This irks Chris to no end...)

I'm also in agreement about not wanted the pressure/feeling of failure with resolutions. Sometimes it was just easier for me to ditch my numerous lists hanging over my head, and just clean as it came to me. This works, but every now and then, I just need a way to get on track! (I really made a big mistake trying to follow "Flylady" when Marissa was tiny, instead of just enjoying my baby. Of course NOTHING got done except feeding the kids and myself if I was lucky.)

I'm also so glad to see a little Emilie humor. I mean no offense, but was it just me, or are her ideas a little complicated? Maybe I should check out some of her newer stuff before I judge.

Sharla said...

I may have to get myself a copy of that chore planner. I can never seem to figure out a system for housecleaning that works well. Thank you for the suggestion.

Joanie said...

Okay, that was so good. Now that we're organized, can the next recommendation be on discipline? I love your philosophy on children being a gift and the loving way you relate to each of your kids individually. Your post on Biniam's heart issues and returning back to his sweet self in Nov. was so timely and helpful. Sometimes the only way for Sedona and I to move forward is to cuddle through it.

Teach us, Brianna!
(J/K - post on what you want to post, it's ALL good)

Emily B. said...

LOL! I totally have those Pilates DVDs too! There should be a law prohibitting infomercials after 11PM! :)

Amber said...

Do you think you could take a picture of the inside and post it? I'd like to know more about how it works. Thanks!

Angela said...

You can thank my friend jody for the calendar recommendation! She wrote about it on her blog about this time last year, and i really have loved using it. i feel the same way as you do, about the cover...i recovered mine last year...we'll see if i have the energy for it this year! i usually just keep it open to the week i'm on anyway, so i don't even see the cover.
and jenn...i feel the same way about the blocks filling up as was so clean and simple before it had MY LIFE in it! :)

SO glad you love them both! And, I'm going to link to this, b/c I was going to write about both of them on my blog, and now i don't need to! :)

Angela said...

I just remembered that it was JODY that recommended Motivated Moms to me, too! Ha!
She deserves a ton o co'mission! :)
She's a world changer...on so many levels!


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