Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First snowman

So far, while we get snow regularly, we never get a ton at once. My kids had been DYing to make a snowman (as in, ever since we told them we were moving here!), so one day while they were playing outside, they went for it.

It's a little small, but they did it all by themselves--all I did was hand Anna two raisins and a carrot. :)


Christy said...

CUTE!!! Too awesome!

Angi said...

I remember making a tiny snowman (my first such creation I believe) when I was in kindergarten. I think I used blueberries for his eyes for some reason. I liked him so much and I did not want him to melt, so I begged my parents to pick him up, wrap him in plastic wrap or a plastic bag and stick him in our freezer! We kept him for quite a while. I just couldn't let go of the little guy I guess.


Joanie said...

How adorable! And the snowman is cute too, tee hee. I'm laughing out loud at the above comment by Angela. What fun readers you have, Brianna!

Rachel Slagle said...

what a cute snowman! we were in denver not too long ago and my nieces and nephew were looking forward to building a snowman - there wasn't much snow - but they did it :)


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