Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Talk talk talk

On New Year's Eve I mentioned to some friends that my kids, especially Anna, talk CONstantly. Troy asked what kinds of things she talks about. Well, here are the subjects we discussed during a 15-minute drive to meet Kevin for lunch yesterday. Note that I did not initiate ANY of these topics, Anna did. So, here they are:

traffic tickets
speed limits
how Anna wants a small red car when she grows up
how Anna wants to marry Yosef
(not!) marrying family members
where Anna will meet the person she'll marry
how it's okay to marry someone who comes from A family, just not YOUR family
giving clothes to people in Africa who don't have any
helping Mary, the girl we sponsor in Uganda

I KNOW there were others, but these are the only ones I remember. Anna is sharp as a tack and has thoughts on pretty much EVerything. As she's gotten older, she's so much easier in terms of most things, but now she's asking questions and forming opinions that require much thought on my part. Moms are always saying they long for adult conversation, and saying their brains go numb being home with kids all day, but I'm finding as my daughter's growing up, I'm having to think and engage in new ways. Needing to explain why, for example, WE shouldn't steal from the person who stole my CDs years ago to get back at them, or the story behind the painting of "The Last Supper" we saw at Wal Mart yesterday. (I need to learn some art history I think!)

I'm keenly aware that these precious years are a gift. An open mind and an open heart are blessings straight from God. May I never take them for granted, even amidst the constant chatter that fills our home!


Angela said...

What a bright little girl with such a great heart and an inquisitive mind. That is beautiful to see.

After a little playful teasing from me about how popular our 5 y/o is with the little girls in his kindergarten class, he announced that his only girlfriend is our terrier. Too funny.

Joanie said...

Warms my heart. THis is so sweet and funny, and yes, these are the best years. We will long for these days to return!

Thinking of you and keeping you in prayer. Wish there was more I could do.

Tamara said...

Little girls and their brothers!! Hannah was quite upset when I broke the news that she could NOT marry Gregory.... so now she is convinced that they will just live in the same house together :P

Eos said...

oooohhh...I love that girl!!! See...although I wanted a large family (just wasn't in the books) I've never liked babies and toddlers...the few I've cared for have almost sent me to the loony bin...I HATE monosyllabic conversations revolving around "no!" "stop!" "Don't" so what your are experiencing right now is my very most favorite part of raising a child...right where their little brains start to open up and I can start having somewhat normal, interesting conversations with them...she seems bright and that was quite an interesting array of topic!


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