Monday, January 05, 2009

Assorted thoughts from my brain

--I ate 4 fun-sized candy bars this afternoon. Yummm.

--I am kicking myself because I never made it to Trader Joe's in California.

--But I am grateful because Lara fed us Candy Cane Joe Joe's when we went to her house. I'm still daydreaming about them!

--I also never saw the ocean while in California. Again, kicking myself. (Actually, I'm mentally kicking Kevin because he was the one who didn't want to go to the beach.)

--My doctor just called, as I'd left a message earlier to tell her about the miscarriage. She was so wonderful and said health-wise things sound good, and I don't need to go in. I am SO GLAD. Not really a fun reason to go to the OB's office!

--California isn't home anymore. We got there and yeah, we were definitely "visiting", and it didn't make me homesick for the place itself. I was relieved.

--We never made it down to Santa Maria, or to our house there (we still own it and have renters.)

--Grace Church isn't home anymore either. Again, totally felt like we were "visiting." Again, I was relieved, because to me it means we're transitioning into our life in Denver.

--Being back at City Pres this past Sunday, I realize it IS feeling more and more like home. We're planning on joining a Community Group this quarter (shout out to the Santa Maria G3) and later this month our pastor's coming over to talk about church membership. (Long story but instead of having us go to the membership class, which would involve us needing to find a babysitter for our kids all day, he's generously offered to come over one evening after the kids are in bed.) I've never been a "member" of a church before. I am scared. :) Okay not really, but it's definitely something new for me.

--Speaking of church, a friend and I were just laughing about how when she takes communion, she always takes the cup of grape juice because she doesn't like the wine, but I take the wine because even though I don't like the taste, I feel like the person serving it will think I'm weird if I don't. My neuroticism has struck again!

--So excited about Anna's school next year. I think we've come to a decision about where to send her and what to do and I can't wait!

--We're going out for Ethiopian food this Wednesday for Ethiopian Christmas (which we have never celebrated before). Yay! It's been way too long since we've had Ethiopian food!!!!!

--I didn't have coffee this morning because I was too lazy to make it. Really wishing I'd had it, because all day I've regretted not having it.

--Okay, that is all! :)


Mike and Rachel said...

coffee is an all day pleasure, brew a pot and have a few more candy bars!

The Fearnsides said...

So glad to know that you are transitioning into your life in Denver. I hope there will be a forthcoming post about your education decision for Anna.

We've had some interesting curve-balls thrown into our decision making.

Angela said...
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Angela said...

Hello again Brianna. If you ever make it out to Vegas or I to Denver, maybe we can go to Whole Foods and then out for Ethiopian food. I can so rarely get anybody to do either with me. My husband likes Ethiopian food, but the closest place is clear across town and there are a billion restaurants between here and there. I guess I just have to make a big push for it. He would definitely go. We'll stay away from the grocery store down the block if you come to Vegas. That's where the creepy dairy guy works.

I can't wait to hear what you and Kevin have decided for Anna's schooling. We are deciding on what to do with the boys next year. There are a few magnet schools in town now and we may be attending information sessions about them in a few weeks. I have mixed feelings about them so far, but we'll see. It is fun planning these types of things, isn't it?

shell said...

We have made our school decision for next year.....and are now just praying like crazy that they get in! It always feels good to have peace from making a decision.
I am interested in your membership stuff too. This is the 2nd church Keith has worked and and not 'joined' (shhh...don't tell!)

Mama Mote said...

Love your random thoughts. So, you've been gone how long? For me, I know I will always consider Grace and SLO home since I've been here for 45 years, but I am hoping, if we end up moving to the LA area, that I will transition into life there. My daughter and her husband live there, so I am excited about the prospect of moving closer to them. Sounds like you are doing well, though, with your situation and with your decisions for your family. Good to hear that. God bless you all.

Joanie said...

Brianna, these are great thoughts! I, too, am anxious to hear your school news. While we miss you, it warms my heart to know you're truly "home" in Denver. Good for you for having some chocolate. Take Care.

Brianna Heldt said...

Robin we have been gone about 8 months. It's interesting because our 10 or so years at Grace were all so different from one another (college group, then a bunch of our friends left for various reasons, then we moved away for a year, came back, made some new friends, etc. etc.) I think we were always in flux or something! (Though of course the church went through several changes during those years too.)


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