Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday {#29}

1.)  The latest news around here is that I have strep throat, of all things.  Ugh!  I got right to the doctor though (thank goodness for antibiotics!) and I am already doing better than I was.  (Apparently when you spend a week at doctor's visits and hospitals, you pick up things like strep.) 

2.)  I read this news story today.  Pretty amazing.  This woman is a hero.  Her daughter is precious.  What a legacy this mother has left behind!

3.)  Being sick on the couch = watching mindless TV that I never, ever watch.  We don't have cable or satellite, so we only pull in a few channels.  ANYway, I turned on an old favorite today, Days of Our Lives, and they had all the old people on it!!!  Carrie, Jon, Marlena, Jennifer, Jack...this is just too fun.

4.)  I recently won Father Barron's book Catholicism in a giveaway and am nearly finished.  He is an excellent communicator and I'm really enjoying it.  And, how fun is it to win something?!

5.)  Today a bunch of random rappers started following me on Twitter.  I find this incredibly funny.  Hope they like my sporadic tweets about my kids.

6.)  Literally every time I'm waiting for a prescription at our neighborhood pharmacy (which is near a private university), there is at least one young girl picking up birth control.  One time she was talking to her friend in line about how she pays for it seperately so her dad won't find out.  So, so sad.

7.)  Yesterday in the aforementioned pharmacy, I noticed both at-home cocaine tests AND at-home paternity tests on the shelf.  And some strange part of me really, really wanted to buy them.  I don't know why.  It just seemed kind of exciting. 


Thanks Jen for hosting!


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