Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Heldts go to the ER

Today I--and my seven children--spent the morning (and part of the afternoon) at the Children's Hospital emergency room.

Because, you know, instead of homeschooling my kids at home, we take field trips to medical establishments.

The impetus for the trip?

I got Mary Lu up this morning, just like always, only to discover that she couldn't move her right arm.

As in, it was just hanging there. 

I honestly couldn't believe it.  She'd seemed fine at bedtime!  What on earth could have happened?!

I called our doctor's office, and they told me to take her to Children's.  So after breakfast, we set off.  Sweet siblings helped Mary eat her cheerios and drink from her sippy cup, since she was only using one hand.  I love how my kiddos love each other!

Anyway, turns out it was just something called Nursemaid's Elbow, and they were able to successfully reduce it.  No big deal.  Well, except for the fact that poor Mary screamed and cried during the reduction procedure.  So hard for a mama's heart!  We also had some x-rays taken, which showed a little swelling but no fracture or break.  Whew!

This was the scene in our room.  For reals.  Because when you're two-years-old and you have six siblings, they all go with you to the hospital.  To watch movies with you and make sure you're okay.  That's just the way it is.

Oh my goodness.  These two crack.me.up.  No further words necessary.

My pediatrician actually called me as we were on our way home (while I was attempting to navigate my way through a highly disorganized McDonald's drive-thru--more on that another time, but suffice it to say my doctor probably thinks I'm a lunatic now) and told me to just call him directly on his cell if it happens again--he can fix it and save us the hospital trip.  Perfect!  So, so thankful for a wonderful doctor who cares about my kids!  (Even if he does think I'm crazy and a horrible mother for ordering my kids food at McDonald's.  :)  )

And I still don't know how it happened exactly--it's highly possible she was playing with the other kids last night and something happened then, although I think it's actually more likely that she rolled on it the wrong way in her sleep since it seemed fine as of bedtime.

Either way, I'm so glad my sweet Mary Lu Lu is okay!!!!!  Oh how I love my little Lu-bug!!!


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