Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes through InstaFriday {#5}

Linking up today with Jeannett and Jennifer for a peek into our lives this past week, via cell phone pics.  Come back each Friday to see what we've been up to!

1.)  Married ten years!  Yes, on June 22nd, we celebrated ten years of Holy Matrimony.  My wonderful parents took the kids for the night and we dined at Del Frisco's.  Then Kevin surprised me with the first season of Downton Abbey and a sweet book of photos and poetry documenting our life together so far.  Love!

2.)  I don't even remember the last time we'd gone out to breakfast, just the two of us.  On Saturday morning we tried out a delicious creole cafe in Denver before collecting our kids, and oh my goodness, it was amazing!  It was also majorly crowded, so we sat at the bar.  And felt much younger than we parents-to-seven actually are.

3.)  Don't you just love when you get something fun in the mail?  Usually when I've ordered anything online it's books or homeschooling curriculum (which I really do get excited about!), but this time was different because the package came from Lisa Leonard Designs!  I'd been eyeing a particular necklace there for awhile, but let's face it, most of my jewlery comes from the thrift store or the $1.50 rack at Forever 21.  No joke.  I'm cheap like that.  But when I got an email saying Lisa was having a super duper sale where, if you ordered something, you got another necklace FREE, I couldn't resist!  (On a side-note, Lisa is a friend of mine and it's been so fun to watch her business evolve.  If you're not familiar with her jewelry, you're really missing out!)

4.)  Here it is!  I just love this piece.  Whimsical and fun.

5.)  My eight-year-old daughter drew this two days ago.  And told me it's the "Target dog."  Ahem.  Do you think I maybe spend too much time at Target?

6.)  My latest lunch obsession.  Spinach, feta, and sliced peppers with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Yum!

7.)  So.  When I tell my two-year-old to smile for a photo, THIS is what she does.  THIS is her picture face.  Squinted eyes, squished nose, open mouth.  She's kind of a big deal, obviously. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  We don't have many plans, which I admit is rather nice for a change!  See you next week!


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