Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Of Jerry Stiller and cardigans

So I've been busy lately, and thus not doing much posting here at Just Showing Up.  Blogging requires discipline, and while I do write a little each day, I have not finished anything lately that is worth sharing.  And I'd made peace with the fact that I wasn't going to get a post up any time soon.  Lack of inspiration and lack of motivation have, unfortunately, struck.

But then.  Then I saw this photo on Facebook:

Which is from a Seinfeld episode.

Oh how I love me some Seinfeld, and I hope you do too--because, fusilli Jerry?  The soup nazi?  Elaine's Christmas card?  Some of the best humor ever.

But anyway.

Do you see?

The sweater that Jerry Stiller (playing Frank Costanza) is wearing?

Yeah, I own it.

Well, not the very same sweater, but one that looks like it. 

See?  There I am, headless.  Dressed like George Costanza's dad.

In fact, I own TWO that look just like it.

Which means I'm dressing like a 75-year-old-man on an oh-so-regular basis, because these sweaters are my favorites.

I actually have to make a conscious effort NOT to wear them because otherwise I'd be wearing them everyday!

And I don't know about you, but this strikes me as terribly funny.  Because who'd have thought back then that mustard yellow would eventually become a fashionable color for women to wear?  I know I definitely didn't think, when I was purchasing my beloved yellow cardigans, that I was channeling Frank Costanza circa 1994.

Now I have to admit that while I should probably feel ashamed, deep down I'm actually fairly proud of my versatile fashion choices and subconscious role models.  If you're new to my blog, I'm sorry--this is a post that CLEARLY required no forethought or insight, and I'm more than aware that there are no anecdotes about international adoption, Down syndrome, openness to life, homeschooling or Catholicism. 

But I'm sharing anyway. 

Because Jerry Stiller and I dress like twins, and you obviously needed to know that!

But not to worry, as we'll be back to our regular programming soon, when I will attempt to gain my self-respect back. 

Or not, because Frank Costanza be darned, I do love me a yellow cardigan.


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