Friday, June 01, 2012

InstaFriday {#1}

So I'm linking up with my friend Jeannett today, over at Life Rearranged, for InstaFriday.  Which means I'm sharing my assorted Instagram pics from the week. 

And I'm new at Instagramming, so don't expect too much.  :)

Hopefully this will help me do a better job of documenting the details of our life, as well as give you a glimpse into the mundane and crazy that is us. 

Oh, this girl.  My sweet little Mary LuLu.  Even at the end of a long day, she makes my heart smile.  Especially when she has pizza sauce on her chin.

Yearbooks.  From my kids' weekly homeschool program that just ended.  They spent a good two days poring over them, and comparing them to previous years.  They're getting old.

May Crowning.  At our parish.  The kids who'd celebrated their First Communion this year got to lead the procession, and present Mary with a flower at the end, and they did such a lovely job.  SO proud of Anna! 

You were diagnosed with strep throat on Memorial Day too, right?  Oh, wait.  Maybe that was just me.

What better way to celebrate feeling better and no longer being contagious (I heart you antibiotics, even if I did opt for painful, humiliating injections that left me with nary a shred of dignity) than with a trip to IKEA?  And, is there anything cuter than stripy leggings on little girls?  I think not.  (You will note that I have two additional girls in the back of my cart.  Who may or may not have been getting crushed by my merchandise.)

Mac and cheese lunch on our front porch.  Playdate with our sweet friend Jaso.  My girls (and I) adore her! 

Pretty platter I got on my post-strep IKEA trip.  The flowers and colors make me happy, but I admit it was kind of an impluse buy.  (This tends to happen to me at IKEA.)


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