Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A 3 year old's wisdom (and a morning in jail)

(Overheard this morning:)

Biniam: "Daddyyyyy! Daddyyyy!"

Anna: "Daddy's at work, boys!"

Biniam: "Why?"

Anna: "Because he needs to feed us!"

(Later, the kids are playing some sort of pretend game about going to jail, orchestrated by Anna of course.)

Anna: "Yos, let's go get in jail."

Mommy: (after a few minutes) "Are you guys in jail? How come?"

Anna: "Yes. Because we need to get money!"

How does she know what jail even is? Why are they wanting to be criminals? Kids are the funniest!

(Just moments earlier, no doubt in honor of the recent holiday...)

Anna: "Let's go rise from the grave! Come on guys!"


Jeannett Gibson said...

Morbid little games! Dying, imprisonment, and starvation threats! I love it! :)

shell said...

i know my kids know of jail b/c of acts and paul and silas being in jail. they always tell me, if we are in jail, we should be happy and sing to jesus. :) i may need to work on how i am telling the story.

Kristen Borland said...

when i first read the title of this post, i was so excited to hear how in the world the heldts ended up in jail (santa maria is a scarey place). so i'm a little disappointed it was just a game. that would have been a great story! however, the fact that your kids are so amazingly cute and say such crazy things makes it all better. ;)

Mike and Rachel said...

I like the comment about daddy being at work so he can feed them. I am sure you have said that a few times when asked where daddy is. I know I tell Aubrey 5 times a day that daddy will be home after dinner, or that he already left for work, but each morning she runs in our bedroom to see if he is still asleep. Sorry kid, that only works on Tuesday's!

Lindsey said...


That is too classic! Maybe you should start a quote wall like we did in Stafford!


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