Monday, April 16, 2007

Some friends who are adopting

So we know three couples right now (in real life no less!) in the process of adopting. Mike and Kristen are adopting a baby girl from Guatemala, Troy and Becky are waiting on the referral of a little girl from Vietnam, and Josh and Stephanie have recently begun the process to adopt a little boy from Vietnam!

I'm always inspired by people who pursue God's call and who take a leap of faith. Kristen and I talked/emailed recently about how it's hard having unknowns, about trusting the Lord to work out all the details, stuff I think every adoptive parent processes through. The little girl she and Mike are adopting has Down Syndrome. They have two (adorable!) little boys already. I think their hearts are beautiful and I know they will be so blessed by their new daughter!

Hoping and praying God will always give me the courage to follow after His call on my life, no matter the cost! Thanks for inspiring me, friends!


Kristen Borland said...

would this be the josh and stephanie (previously heggli) that i know?? how exciting if it is! oh my goodness, i had no idea they were thinking about children yet. and if it's not them, then never mind about all that, and just how exciting that some one else is adopting! one hang up mike had when we were deciding about dulce was that "everyone" is adopting internationally right now, and that it seems like the "in" thing to do, and he didn't want to seem like he was just doing the popular thing. that made me laugh! but it's so wonderful that so many people we know are opening up their homes for these sweet children in need!

Brianna Heldt said...

Yep, Josh and Stephanie that you know (formerly Heggli, now Tang.) Very exciting.

How funny that Mike thinks people adopting is trendy or popular--that has so not been my experience!

Mike and Rachel said...

I've met a few women at church that are in the process of adopting internationally. One from China and onw from Russia. I know you guys had your trials through the process, but I think the agency you went through was aoutstanding compared to what I have been hearing. We also have friends who adopted a little boy from Fontana last month. I refer all of them to your blog!!!

Brianna Heldt said...

that's great that u know some people adopting. yeah our agency was EXCELLENT and we have no complaints there, just complaints against the homestudy agency and the boys' first adoptive parents.

Mike and Rachel said...

Fair enough, the agency my friend is using for Russia keeps giving them the runaround, they are adopting twin girls and should have brought them home in march. The agency is also up for recertification this month,and if they don't get it, they lose their place in line and any money that has been spent trough this point!

The other woman I know should be getting a referral any day now, of course she has been saying that for two months. The hardest part is knowing that their children are already there and they cannot get them yet. I am sure you can relate.

Brianna Heldt said...

That's horrible that they're getting the runaround, yuck! I know the process for Russia is complicated anyway, that stinks. It is hard waiting for a referral, this is true. (AND it's hard waiting for a baby to be born! I am checking your blog often!)

Crystal said...

Hi--I love your blog!!!--I am a Christian too!!! We just adopted a baby girl from Guatemala and we are in the process of paperchase #2!!! We are going to adopt a boy this time!!--Your family is beautiful!!!! I had to comment because this post is soooo my heart!!! The unknowns and trusting God right now!!! We almost went to Vietnam because of the status in Guatemala. --But our hearts our in Guatemala!!!



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