Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Girl time and blogging

This is Jeannett and me last Thursday night about to leave for a friend's house to celebrate someone's birthday (with Kaitlyn in tow.) Jeannett is my lone friend in Santa Maria--everyone else I know lives farther north. But she's a great friend so it's okay if she's the only one around!

Anyway it's always fun to get together with just the girls. I always look forward to baby showers and get togethers like this!

For a long time the only blogs I visited were of people I didn't know "in real life". But within the last month or so several of my girlfriends have started blogs! Anyway that Thursday night we were talking about our blogs and how we're all so addicted to reading them--this cracks me up! I remember when I didn't know what a blog even was, and when I thought people who had websites were dorks. Now I get so bummed if a friend hasn't updated her blog in awhile! I guess I'm totally hooked on this blogging thing!
I am TOTALLY excited 'cause Lara, one of my best friends who is currently living in Florida and who I wish would move back :), has a blog now! Woohoo!


Mike and Rachel said...

One of my best friends doesn't even have internet!!! I feel the need to call her frequently since she doesn't get my daily updates. Hopefully she doesn't mind. I was wondering if you took Kaitlyn with you. I have a baby shower a few days after my due date to attend, and if I am not in the hospital, I plan on leaving the baby with Mike, but I will just be ten minutes away.

Brianna Heldt said...

Yeah I have a friend who JUST now got the internet! I can't imagine not having the computer. Just think of all the stuff I'd get done if I didn't though! :)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Hey,that's my puffy self! I'm highly displeased with you for posting that pic, but I guess I posed for it, so I asked for it!
Love, YFIRL (Your Friend In Real Life)

Lara said...

Ah, so this is how everyone happened to find out about my blog today. The mystery is all clear. =)
I am definitely a fellow addict so I thought I might as well add my piece too.
And Jeannett you look beautiful, I love that shirt. What a fun color!

Kristen Borland said...

i'm heading to lara's blog right now. i was just thinking yesterday how lara should have a blog!


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