Friday, April 20, 2007

Long week

Monday night Kaitlyn was completely out of sorts, screaming and crying and kicking her legs, it was horrible. We took turns all evening walking her around, trying to console her. I got no sleep at all because she would only calm down if I was up walking her around. This was just not like little Katie; I assumed I must have eaten something that was causing her distress.

Well Tuesday afternoon she pooped all over her clothes (bummer!) and some of it got on her little slippers. As I took her left shoe off I nearly passed out--her middle two toes and the top of her foot were COMPLETELY swollen, red, blistered, the grossest thing I have ever seen! Oh my goodness! No wonder she had been so upset the night before! I called the doctor, spoke to the nurse who suggested letting it air out and soaking it and if it wasn't improving by the next day to bring her in. (I think she was just putting me off because that medical practice is completely overcrowded but that is another blog post! Frustrating!)

I felt HORRIBLE, absolutely HORRIBLE, that all night Monday night I was completely oblivious as to why my precious baby girl was so upset. Tuesday we went to the doctor (obviously it wasn't improving) and apparently her foot must've made contact with some nasty bacteria (how I have no clue) and got infected! She's now on oral antibiotics and a topical antibiotic and is getting two foot soaks a day (I told her fancy ladies pay lots of money to get their feet soaked). We went back to the doctor's today and he cut the skin on the blisters (yuck). We have to return to the doc's on Tuesday so he can check the foot again. Whew!

I'm so grateful she hasn't been in any pain since Monday night, poor thing. I feel like such a helpless mommy--sometimes it's all too easy to believe that I know what I'm doing, but this week I'm acutely aware that I am truly dependent on God. I find myself grateful for my family, doctors, medicine, and health in general tonight. Also grateful that God is watching over Kaitlyn (and the rest of my gaggle of children). Dealing with this and of course reflecting on the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech, I am so glad that we can bring our cares and concerns to Jesus, and that even in trying times God is in control.

(A few things to rejoice in this week: the birth of my second niece, a great email from Lara, enjoying a good book, a fun evening spent with Troy and Becky.)


Lara said...

Oh poor Kaitlyn! and poor mommy. There is nothing worse than knowing your child is hurting. We'll be praying for her.
(Congrats on the new neice. Yeah!! She's so cute.)

S. said...

Did they say it was MRSA? I know lots of people who have dealt with it if so...I would definately use bleach to clean wherever you bathe her, etc., it can be passed among family members.

So sorry for your sweetie...being a mommy is tough--you would have had no way of knowing it was her foot that was bothering her...poor little baby!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Poor little thing! Good to hear that it seems like a relatively easy fix...stinks you got no sleep should have just dropped her off at my place, since I was probably laying awake in bed anyway!

Brenda said...

Poor little Kaitlyn! And hugs to her mommy! A sick baby is hard on mommies who just want to take away the hurt! Hope the infection will go away soon!
Thanks for the reminder to be open minded on why the baby is fussing. I remember with Shannon just stripping her down when she was upset sometimes just to be sure the tag on her clothes or a random bug bite or some other little thing wasn't the culpret for the crying.

Mike and Rachel said...

I'm so sorry. It is so scary when they get sick/hurt do young. Mike and I can relate. We will be praying for her little foot!

Kristen Borland said...

poor, kaitlyn!! praise the Lord that you were able to figure it all out and get help for her. you're a good mommmy; never doubt that!

erika said...

Been there done that. Don't kick yourself. You're an awesome mom!

txmommy said...

Hi! I found your blog not to long ago and enjoy popping by now and then to see how your sweet kiddos are.
I nominated you for a thinking blogger award. I hope you don't mind.
anyway, thanks for the positive vibe you always put out with your writing.


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