Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dads rock

I love the relationship that Kevin has with each of our kids. I know dads typically have the reputation for not being available to their children or whatever, but I love how Kevin comes home with such a fresh perspective each and every day. (Especially since by 6 pm my nerves are about shot!)

He loves reading to them, planning fun movie nights for them, and coming up with funny things like "peanut time" (initially he started this as a ruse to push back Anna wanting a snack right after a meal. He'll set the timer and when it goes off, that means it's "peanut time", and the kids can have some peanuts.) They LOVE this!

It's also pretty great because he's always up for going it alone with the kids if there's something I'm wanting to go do. Tonight I'm going up to SLO to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday (and I didn't RSVP, oops--sorry Lindsey!). It's never an issue and it never feels like I'm having to "line up a babysitter." He's just Daddy and I know the kids have a blast doing stuff with him that they don't do when Mommy's home (like blaring music for example!)

Anyway, I think dads are awesome and have so much to bring to the table. I'm especially grateful that Kevin's such a great daddy!


Nohe 5 said...

You are one lucky woman! And so are your kiddos.

Lara said...

Your kids are so blessed to have such a great daddy.
Hey, when do we get to see some good close up pictures of Kaitlyn Jane? I haven't even met her yet and I miss her like crazy!
Oh and I'm so glad you are posting lots again. I was going through Heldt family withdrawls. =)

Brianna Heldt said...

Lara, heehee I know, my blog seems to be either feast or famine for some reason! Had a great time chatting with your mom yesterday. Will post more pics of Kaitlyn soon!

S. said...

He sounds like an awesome daddy!

Mike and Rachel said...

I guess those Heldt boys have a genetic disposition towards being great dads. The same can be said for the Sandwisches and the Andersons. I love being part of such an awesome family!

Kristen Borland said...

yeah for daddies!!! cute pics!


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