Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Answering Lindsey's questions :)

Lindsey posted some questions on her blog and I'm playing along. Feel free to copy and paste to your own blog, to play!

1. favorite candy peanut m&ms, toffee
2. favorite ice cream peppermint!!!!!!!! and anything at coldstone...
3.favorite book "there is no me without you" by melissa faye green, "irresistible revolution" by shane claiborne, "the good news about injustice" by gary haugen, "too small to ignore" by wess stafford, "the hiding place" by corrie ten boom. (wow what a nerd, but i love to read!)
4. favorite magazine martha stewart living, real simple
5. favorite memory from childhood times spent with friends laughing and being silly. lazy summer days spent at the community pool (shoutout to creston) with friends.
6. quality you most admire in your spouse and/ or friends kevin--his kind heart and acceptance of people. friends--when they can make me laugh, love on my kids, and are genuine
7. favorite way to spend your day around the house with the family, time with just kevin or with good friends
8. how may meals you eat out each week 0-1
9. how many kids you'd like to have lots, not sure exactly
10. how many traffic tickets you've had 1
11. best date ever basically anytime kevin and i are alone and i don't have to cook, whether it's having chinese food delivered after the kids go to bed and watching a movie, or going out.
12. favorite local eatery Rosa's, Firestone (and i don't even remember the last time i went either of those places!)
13. suggestions for a free, fun, family day beach, or feeding the ducks
14. one place you'd like to visit nazret, ethiopia (where my boys were born). i loved ethiopia and can't wait to go back.
15. favorite drink soda: dr pepper or root beer, water, adult beverage haha: midori sour, mudslide


shell said...

we are so alike it is weird

Brianna Heldt said...

HA! shelley we really must one day live close to each other!!!! between our two families we could have some crazy, kid-filled times.

Brenda W said...

I'm right there with you on the peanut M & Ms. I LOVE those things! I buy the big bag at Costco and then ration myself a portion for the week in a little bowl. I refill my little M&M bowl every Sunday night. If Shane takes many M&Ms from my ration he has to fess up so I'll know and can sneak in some extras.


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