Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just some complaining

Could I have picked a WORSE day to come down with a fever?!

--My friends just had a baby early this morning--and now I don't get to go see him. :(
--Kevin's family is coming into town this Tuesday night. I've got stuff to do!
--Some great friends that we don't get to see near enough were coming over tomorrow.

But here I sit at home on the couch, all achy and chilled. Good thing I've got a great husband picking up the slack, and newly released Season 8 of Seinfeld. Oh and four sweet kids that all wanted to cuddle with me for a lot of the day!


Mike and Rachel said...

I hate being sick! Hopefully it will end with you!

Allison Brown said...

Sorry to hear that! It must be that time--I'm still getting over a stomach thing that left me with absolutely no energy and feeling all achy. Now I'm in the nauscious phase. Luckily my sister was in town to help care for Kaylin (I can't imagine having four), and Tim helped a lot too. I hope you feel better quickly!

lindsey said...

bummer! hope you get well soon and no one else gets whatever you have.

Michelle said...

ugh...we just got over that. It was a full blown flu in June. Isn't flu season supossed to be over?? Apparently it's going around. Bummer you got it:(. Get lots of rest:).

Kate said...

Brianna we missed you at church today. so so sorry you are sick. hope you recover quickly. can i bring you dinner tomorrow night?

Brenda W said...

What a bummer!
Get well soon!

Kristen Borland said...

what a precious family you have. we were bummed too and promise to chose another time to visit and whip the boys at pepper.

on a side note, this morning our goleta thing was cancelled. all that will be explained it so much detail in an email later on.

get better!!! i've been praying for you and for everyone else not to get sick. the first thing i thought when kevin said you were sick (besides being bummed out about not visiting) was, "oh now she can't visit henry!"

Brianna Heldt said...

kate--we missed you guys too! how sweet of you to offer dinner, wow! i think we'll actually be okay--no fever so far today, yay!!!
so sweet of you to offer!!!!!


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