Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Conversations with Anna

Riding in the car, listening to a Tom Petty CD:

Anna: I can't sing.
Mommy: Anna, Mommy loves when you sing! You can totally sing!
Anna: Not like Tom Petty!

Then sitting at the dinner table last night, Kevin was singing "The Muffin Man" song to the kids, which was getting on my nerves, so I sang my own version to Kevin about how I wanted to kill the muffin man. Apparently Anna heard me because she said, "Don't kill the Muffin Man! He's a nice muffin man! " Then later in the bathtub I heard her singing "Please don't kill the Muffin Man..."

Kids! Gotta love 'em!


Kate said...

what a crack up!

Michelle said...

He he...we should totally put together a book with all our kids funny stories! Better than any comedy book ever written!!

Kristen Borland said...

so cute! (and i can totally picture kevin singing that song and you getting irritated and changing the lyrics. that's hilarious!)

Becky said...

Anna's really concerned about the Muffin Man! She is like 3 going 15! I love her sense of style and how she thinks clothes need to match. From shoes to sunglasses to hats she's ready to be a teenager!

Becky said...

I mean.. she's 3 going on 15 years old. A good bossy, take charge first born, like we all are:-)

Lisa Leonard said...

seriously cracking up right now!


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