Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Yesterday we went to Sunday School and church--and we were EARLY. This is a first for the Heldts! We relaxed at home afterwards and then went out to pizza (Playland Round Table) for dinner. The kids had a blast eating pizza and playing on the stinky play equipment.

I'm so happy my kids have such a good daddy. We found out we were expecting Anna when I was 21 and Kevin was 22--pretty young, and we'd only been married a year. From the moment he found out about the baby he was excited and eager to accept this profound blessing from the Lord. What a blessing to have him be such a source of support and joy during that time. Then a little later he boldly followed God's call and became the proud daddy of two 16 month old boys. Not too long after that he found out he was going to be the father of another baby girl!

I'm so grateful for all the diaper changing, tooth brushing, toy fixing, rough-housing, story-telling, cuddling and laughing he does with our kiddos. I'm well aware that being away from home 12.5 hours per day, and riding over an hour each way to work, is a lot. But he's a good provider, a good husband, and loves our kids "to bits." (Anna's favorite expression.) And he keeps me sane, and smiling. Raising our family is such a team-effort and I love that. Thanks Kev for everthing you do for our family!


Mike and Rachel said...

Another benefit of having multiple toddlers, they can ploay together at a place like that. It sounds like you had a nice day together.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Fun times! I can't wait to see Andy as a Daddy...I think that's a fun side to see of your husband, so I"m excited for it. Good job Kev, keep up the good work!


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