Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Generous Orthodoxy

Currently reading this book by Brian McLaren. I love the way he writes and makes me think. He wrote this in regards to redefining Calvinism's TULIP (in favor of, as the title of the book says, a more generous orthodoxy):

To be chosen means to be "blessed to be a blessing", to be healed to heal, to be chosen to serve, to be enriched to enrich, to be taught to teach.

I love that! What a beautiful, humbling way to describe one of (to me) the most profound mysteries of God. I pray God will use me in loving and remaking this broken world.


erika said...
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the ewings said...

I love that I'm "Chosen to serve" and I'm "enriched to enrich". How awesome is that! I don't always realize the actions given to me by God and through Him only!

Thanks for sharing this!

Blessings, Chris

Brianna Heldt said...

To the sweet author who deleted her comment :), it was a great comment, you shouldn't have deleted! (They get emailed to me so even if you delete it I read it, heehee!)

It occurs to me that maybe b/c you thought it was 12:34 AM--that is really funny because I DID post really late last night, like 11:30 PM, but it shows an earlier time b/c I STARTED the post earlier in the day but didn't finish, and that's the time it shows. So funny!!!

erika said...

If I were cool, I would come clean and let everyone in the free world in on our "inside joke." But I'm not cool, I've never professed to be cool, and seriously sometimes I feel like I'm just striving for "normal." I wondered what would happen if I exercised my right to delete :)... I was just now checking up on that :) Thanks for being so stealth. I was SERIOUSLY laughing out loud when I read your comment! Now you, Brianna, are cool :)

Brianna Heldt said...

Heehee Erika, I think I've about given up striving for normal! :)

Lara said...

I will attempt to put aside my extreme curiousity about this "inside joke" and actually comment on this post. =)
I first came across the verses in the old testament where God told Abraham that he would be blessed to be a blessing during the Perspectives Class. It totally changed my way of thinking. Every blessing we recieve is to then be turned around to be a blessing to others. So beautiful!
I loved "A Generous Orthodoxy" for so many reasons. McLaren does such a good job of showing us what is Good and beautiful in each of the different Christian denominations/doctrines.

Mike and Rachel said...

I hear you on the at capacity comment. People keep asking when or if Mike and I are going to try for that boy. First of all, we haven't exactly tried for any of our pregnancies... and continuing to have children to get a certain gender just isn't a good enough reason for me... and HELLO, Aubrey turns two on Monday and Ainsley is 7 weeks. Can I just be a mother of two for a while without having to address this? So for us Heldts, we are currently at capacity too, and if that changes we'll send an email :)

p.s. I love the voice you use when yiu write. It cracks me up. AND I love your large-ish family!!!

Mike and Rachel said...

I totally posted my comment on the wrong post. I'm sure you figured that out though.


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