Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beach day!

Yesterday the kids and I trekked to Avila to meet some friends--fun! It's a bit of an effort to get four kids ready for a day at the beach, but they had a blast. Digging in the sand, sticking toes in the water, and chasing birds make for a fun time if you're 2 or 3 years old! (As usual Kaitlyn was a great sport, dividing her time between being in the front carrier with Mommy or reclining in the jogging stroller.) After a long day in the sun we packed up, headed home, and my oldest three took a warm bubblebath. It's great to be a kid in the summertime!

I love how even in a huge group of kids, I'll sometimes look up to find my three choosing to play together!

Biniam is standing here with Claire and Sadie. I've been friends with their mommy (Rebekah) since THIRD GRADE! She is a total "forever friend" and my kids love playing with her girls.

This is Anna (on the left) with Claire.

"Just tagging along on another outing with my brothers and my sister. At least I get to wear a cute outfit."

Yosef digging away.


Kristen Borland said...


Michelle said...

So, I'm totally amazed that your kids all stick around to play in the sand! Matthew runs ALL OVER the place and has to go in the water for like 98% of the beach trip! Looks like you all had a blast!!

Brenda W said...

How fun! You're a great mom to take them to the beach. I haven't had the courage to take Shannon since I've had Shawn.
Kaitlyn is such a beautiful combo of you and Kevin. So sweet!

Lara said...

I love that I live all the way across the country and I still get to feel like I just spent the day at the beach with you. =)

So, totally unrelated, but when Kevin is done with his baptism book I would love to hear his thoughts or at least get an overview. I don't know much about that. Sounds interesting.

rebekah said...

i'm leaving a comment...that WAS a fantastic day and the kids had a blast! we had a good time chatting too since there were very few fights that broke out, and minimal whining. the best beach weather too!!!

brianna, it was seriously one of the highlights that Biniam was bumming food off of everyone! still makes me laugh thinking about it! (: it was almost like he just wanted to see what the offerings were and go from there!
it was funny too that Anna's pants kept falling down! and at one point she was standing there without them. SUPER!!
horrahy for summer!

Mike and Rachel said...

What a great time with the kids. I am glad that Kaitlyn hasn't slowed you down too much!

angie said...

CUTE pictures! I want to go to the beach! My kids would love it.

Brianna Heldt said...

rebekah, oh i had such a good time also! (you are a true tecchie now, posting comments on blogs!)

ah yes, biniam. he was seriously PATROLLING the area looking for food. how embarrassing! next time i'm bringing a bunch more food for sure.

i loved how claire and anna were holding hands walking to the car. i wish i'd gotten a picture of that!


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