Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun in the sun

My kids have basically lived in their kiddie pool these last two days. They eat their breakfast outside, hop into the pool, get out for lunch (pb&j and goldfish), and then come inside for naps. They love it! Yesterday I used the time they were swimming to weed our entire brick patio, and today I got some laundry folded sitting by the sliding glass door, where I can see them. We love Summer!

Anna and Yosef snacking on grapes in the pool. They got a real kick out of it!

On any given day, it seems at least one of the kids wants to eat their lunch "a naturale". Today it was both boys!

Tonight Jeannett, baby Henry, baby Kaitlyn and I are going up to SLO to Lisa's jewlery party, hosted by Kristen. So fun!!!! (I also hear that Becky will be there. Good times.)


A said...

Adorable! All of your kids are such beauties!!

Have fun at the jewelry party.

Becky said...

Great pics to pull out when the boys are dating:-) For some reason kids LOVE water! See you tonight!

Carrie Haughey said...

haha, well placed lunch bowls.... :0)

Brianna Heldt said...

carrie the funny thing is, i totally didn't tell them to hold their bowls there! (maybe they're naturally modest...)

and yes becky, definitely blackmail material when they're older..."don't you remember when you'd eat your sandwich in the backyard without any clothes on???" heehee!

Jeannett Gibson said...

HA! I was totally going to comment on the well placed bowls myself! Very Austin Powers of them! :)

Love those kids, they're personalities just shine through the photos!

Kristen Borland said...

what fun!! oh, yes, the joys of being naked when you're a kid.

Angela said...

What a bunch of cuties you have (but we all already knew that)! They look like they are having a blast.

Thanks for your opinion on the book. Maybe I will skip it for now unless I happen to see it at the library. If you have any book suggestions, let me know.

How was the jewelry party? It sounded like it was going to be fun!

Brianna Heldt said...

angela the party was a lot of fun! lisa makes the most amazing jewlery and i need to do a post about her, i've been meaning to for a long time.

a great book which i have only started (as my dad started it too while at my house and got so hooked that i sent it home with him!) is "love in the driest season", a memoir by a man who with his wife worked in zimbabwe and adopted a little girl out of an orphanage. it is so gripping and he's an amazing author (writes for the washington post i believe.) i'll probably do a post on it once i finish it.

how about you, any book recs???

Stephanie Strand said...

Hi Brianna,

I have so enjoyed reading your blog- you have a beautiful family, and I can see from the pictures, and hear in your writing how much you all enjoy being together! It is truly wonderful!
My husband and I (and our two sons) are about to begin the process of adopting a child/children from Ethiopia using the same agency that you used. I have tons of questions, and I was hoping we might be able to correspond a bit via email. My address is strand@borcim.wustl.edu

Keep writing- I enjoy reading!



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