Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You might be a redneck if....

...you nurse your baby at the pig races!

Sunday we made the trek up to the California Mid-State Fair. I grew up going there, so it's always fun taking the kids.

After church we met up with Troy and Becky at A&W in Atascadero for lunch (does it get much better than 99-cent root beer floats?!), and then went to Paso where we caught the free "shuttle" (aka schoolbus) to the fairgrounds. (Anna LOVES riding this bus and it's probably one of her favorite parts of the day.)

Waiting for the bus, we discovered that it was HOT. Seriously, I thought I was going to die, especially considering that I was wearing a 15-pound baby on my chest. In spite of the heat, the kids enjoyed getting to see lots of animals, and the racing pigs. (I nursed Kaitlyn during the pig races, which strikes me as really funny for some reason.)

Early evening we went to the Jars of Clay concert. I didn't know very many of the songs but they're huge advocates for Africa so I'll go on record as saying I like them. :) Afterwards we ran into some people I grew up with, and bid farewell to the Hawkins', who had to go home and cook. :) THEN we met up with Mike, Katie, and their five kids and ate Mo's sandwiches and lemonade on the grass, yum! (I love Mo's.)

My favorite part of the day came next: the Heldt kids' first time on a carnival ride! We wandered around searching for something that wouldn't scare the kids too bad and finally settled on these trucks that go around in a circle. Biniam, Yosef and Anna squished into the cab of the truck and Kevin and I watched gleefully as they took off. The looks and shrieks of sheer delight from Yosef and Anna as we waved and cheered made me so happy...and the looks and shrieks of terror from Biniam had me laughing hysterically. Around and around they went, Yosef and Anna shouting and smiling, and Biniam hanging onto the truck for dear life, occasionally letting out a cry but generally too terrified to say a word! HA! One of my favorite "mommy moments" so far I think, getting to see (some of) my kids enjoying something so much.

Poor Anna wanted to do more rides (especially the dragon rollercoaster), but they cost a small fortune and we'd already decided that the kids would just do one ride this time. Next time we may do the bracelet thing, so they can do unlimited rides.

After the carnival excitement we met back up with Mike and Katie and family to watch Mike's brother's band perform (they opened for Aerosmith earlier in the week.) They were pretty good and our kids had a ball playing together. (At one point Anna made a beeline for the bar and was fully sitting on one of the stools!)

We finally trudged home after a long, hot, fun day, and I think we're still recovering! Here are some more pics:
Aunt Becky and Uncle Troy wrangling Yosef and Biniam at the pig races. It was their first time at the Mid-State Fair and after that heat, it may be their last!
Our kids getting on the ride

This picture says it all.....

Daddy consoling Biniam.


Kate said...

What a crack up. I love your family!

Lindsey said...

That is so awesome! What a fun day!

shelly said...

oh my goodness...I was doing fine until I got to the picture where you wrote "this picture says it all"....that cracked me up....I had to laugh....and then the picture of Biniam gripping that wheel.....and then being consoled ....oh it was soo funny!....your fsmily is too cute!..love anna and yosefs smiles

Type (little) a said...

I only know one Jars of Clay song, "Love Song for a Saviour" I generally don't like Christian Rock (though I like each individually ;-)) but these guys are pretty cool.

Cute kids!

Michelle said...

Can you guys get any cuter???!!

francesca said...

Hi! it's the first time I read your blog!
What a fantastic family you have!
I am a 25 years old italian girl and I am married since last September, I can't imagine how it could be being 26 and having 4 kids! you are fantastic.
I'd like to have a big family and adopt some children.
Keep writing!
Francesca from Italy

Chandra said...

Your family is so cute!! I love all the pictures and your story about nursing. Thanks for sharing!!

Kristen Borland said...

hope the road trip is going well and your little katie is doing okay!

when you get back, wanna join my revolution?

Jeannett Gibson said...

I've always known you were a redneck at heart! :)

I've never nursed at the pig races, but I have nursed in the fitting rooms at Mervyn's, random parking lots, and some really creepy area off the freeway that had an abandoned graffitied truck trailer...


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