Saturday, July 28, 2007

Random Heldt goings-on

It feels like we've been busy lately--lots of fun things going on, and lots of fun ahead! Last Friday we had dinner with our friends Mike and Katie, and their five kids. So fun! They have a son from Ethiopia as well, and we attempted to get a picture of the three boys together--easier said than done. :) Saturday night some more friends, Josh and Christine and their two sons, came over for dinner, as part of our 2:42 dinner group.

Wednesday was Anna's last day of the library program for the summer! I think she really enjoyed it, and I'm planning on signing her up for the next session. She got to bring home her special nametag. That night we went up to SLO for "Grace Summer Nights". Always great to visit with friends, and the seminar Tim and Susie did was awesome.

Thursday I took the kids up to my parents' house. They got to play outside in the sun, watch the Jonah Veggie Tales movie (one of Anna's favorites), and get some good quality time with their grandparents.

Unfortunately, early on in the week I noticed Kaitlyn had a bit of a diaper rash. It got worse, and after going through impetigo with Anna last year, and Kaitlyn's weird foot thing, I decided to go to the doctor's. Providentially, Kevin overslept his alarm Tuesday, so I was able to take her without the other three kids. The doctor (not our regular one, who'd already gone home for the day) said it looked to him like a yeast issue so he prescribed some topical cream and said to come back if it wasn't better or getting better in 4-5 days.

Ummm...yeah, it is now much worse. AND a day or two ago she got this icky blister on her chest that is really gross. (Assuming it's somehow related to the rash.) SO Monday I will be returning with Kaitlyn to be seen again. She doesn't seem to be in any pain or anything so that's good. I debated doing the urgent care thing today but I have had too many embittering experiences there, so I'll wait it out. Being a mom is hard, I hate not knowing exactly what is going on with my baby. Kaitlyn is such a sweetie though, always so happy and ready with a smile.

We spent today doing stuff around the house, getting ready for our trip to Denver next week. It'll just be Kevin, me and Kaitlyn--my parents will be staying with the older three. I'm already so sad to be leaving them--they'll have tons of fun and won't even miss us, but I'll miss them! We're driving (nuts, I know, but we're cheapskates), and staying overnight in Las Vegas. It'll be our first time in Vegas! Then it's on to Colorado to stay with Kevin's brother, his wife, and their two girls. After a few days there we'll be with Kevin's cousin, her husband and their two girls (also in CO). Looking forward to some fun times and to exploring Colorado a bit, as I've never been. Also looking forward to finally getting to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant again, it's been too long!

Tomorrow it's church, and then we're off to the California Mid-State Fair. The kids are excited, especially about the racing pigs!


Carrie Haughey said...

wow! you all have been, and are going to be busy!

aw, I love Eli, he is such a sweetie!

Love Kaitlyn's little ponytail! Will be praying for her rash.

Angela said...
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Angela said...
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Jeannett Gibson said...

Poor Kaitlyn! That kid just can't seem to get a break! Adorable smile though! And Biniam's beanie is too funny!

Lisa Leonard said...

great pics! the kids are getting so big!! sorry to hear about kaitlyn's bum--being a mommy is sucha guessing game, but you are top of it!

Rachel said...

Good luck at the doctor today! I'm excited to see you FRIDAY! We stopped in St. George, Utah and it still took ten or eleven hours from there with nursing stops. Take your time, we will see you when we see you!

santamariamommy said...

I love that last picture. What a handsome little guy.

Kristen Borland said...

okay, first of all i love your family! your kids have a great life! having so many siblings close in age is awesome for them!

katie jane, i'm so sorry!!! i hope it clears up (or at least you get answers and it starts to clear up) before your trip. is she bothered by it at all?

i want to go on a trip!! denver sounds exciting! i used to go on road trips growing up, but we always camped along the way. it started out with actual tents, but when we did our first cross-country (i was three! i know, brave parents), we got a tent-trailer. then they moved up to a trailer, then an rv, and now a better rv. let's just say road trips are sooo much better when you have a bathroom traveling with you!

Michelle said...

How sweet that your boys have another boy from Ethiopia to play with, that's so special. Your kids are all such cuties:).

Have a blast on your trip!

Katie Lady said...

Tim and I did the road trip with both boys to ID and I'm thinking your brilliant for leaving the other three behind. Take a good look at CO and let us know what you think...and if you find a great deal on real estate!

Brianna Heldt said...

katie, first of all i think you need to have a blog! second, kevin mentioned he talked briefly to tim about your trip and that idaho wasn't really calling your name. :) i'll let you know how denver is. oh and i'm TOTALLY dreading leaving the kids because i'll miss them so much, but it'll be easier i think.


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