Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Vanity Fair and Africa

Yes bloggers, I'm still alive. :) We were blessed to have Kevin's parents and sister visiting us this past week so I haven't been blogging. I'll share some pics from their visit later.

For now I wanted to mention the special edition of Vanity Fair magazine that is all about Africa, and guest-edited by Bono. Be sure to check it out!!!

(But what is with all the seductive advertisements in there for perfume, etc.? Sheesh!)


Kristen Borland said...

welcome back! :)

Mike and Rachel said...

The only perfume I've worn lately is Ode de Vomit, thanks to my little spit up machine. It is always nice when your hubby comes home and kisses you and then has a sour look on his face as if to say "Did you shower today?" Yup, but only once and many hours earlier! Wouldn't that make a nice add for the magazine.


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