Saturday, February 23, 2008

Encouragement for the day

I read these words today from Elisabeth Elliott on another (wonderful) blogpost--and it was SO what I needed to hear:

Today we may find ourselves summoned to a task which we know is quite beyond us
"Me, Lord?" we quaver, "Who am I?"
God answers, "I am with you."

Lately I find myself feeling a little discouraged when it comes to why won't my twin three-year olds nap, or why do they seem to want to make a mess I doing a good enough job, am I doing the right I instilling proper respect in my I consistent enough, or do I discipline too much...???

Can't we just drive ourselves crazy?! I consider myself relatively laid back, both as a person and as a mom...but I have to admit I have a neurotic streak, especially when it comes to my adopted children. Why is that? I guess I feel a responsibility to be an extra good mother to them, and I worry--are they properly attached? Developing right? Getting enough love? Being corrected enough?

But Elisabeth's words truly put things in perspective. When I feel like being mom to four kids ages four and under is "quite beyond" me, that's is! But the Lord chose to give Yosef and Biniam to me, and picked me to be their mother, and He will give me the strength and whatever else I need to raise them and love them. The same goes for my daughters. Sometimes I can't believe I'm a mom at all...that God has entrusted me with four precious children. Big responsibility? YES. But God is bigger!

I'm so grateful to have read those things today, and my heart feels encouraged. If you have the time, I'd encourage you to scroll up, click on the link and read the post in its entirety--it's a good one. (Side-note: Anna's middle name is "Elisabeth", spelled just like Elisabeth Elliott's name. That's actually where we saw it spelled that way, and loved it! I figure Elisabeth Elliott is not a bad woman to be sort-of named after, either!)


darci said...

This is So much what I've been feeling lately. That must have been off Lisa's blog..I read the same thing and was so encouraged. I have been reading a great book (again) called GraceWalk..and relearning..we CANNOT live the 'Christian life'..Christ can live it thru us as we abide in Him. That applies to everything for me. I can't be mother, wife, friend, teacher, whatever, in my own strength. I know that God loves my children even more, incredibly, than I do, and that reassures me. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Darci

Rachel said...

I always think when I have yet another friend lose a parent, or have a spouse with cancer, or a child suffering... I think, Lord, I couldn't handle that, you have made her so strong in You. She is handling that situation so well. I would be a mess, cursing You, doubting You, blaming You, but she doesn't! Recently I read in Psalm 81:10 "I am the LORD, your God, who brought you out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth, and I will fill it." God is ready and willing to fill us. We have to be willing to open our mouth. God provides his grace and mercy according to our need. The Christian facing adversity, tragety, loss, needs a lot more than me and if she is willing, God will fill her. Since I have soaked in these words, I have been such a better parent and wife. God is right here wanting to fill me. I need to LET him. It has been such a calm week around here since I truly surrendered this to God. You gotta love those "aha" moments!!!

Crystal said...

I love this and sooo needed this!!! We just brought home our third child from Guatemala (second adoption --third child) with three under five I needed to hear this!!! We are having soo much fun and there is times I look at their sweet innocent little faces and I cannot believe I have the priviledge sp? of being their momma! :) I love you and I love your blog! I hope you are having a great Sunday! :)

Brenda Williams said...

Brianna, you're a great mom! And if it makes you feel better, my three-year-old hasn't taken naps either for 3 or 4 months now. She does have to go to bed by around 7 at night, but then usually will sleep until 6AM so it is a decent deal for us.
And I really like Elisabeth Elliott too - great role model and woman of God!

Hope you all get well soon! We've had a round of colds lately too.

Hauswife said...

Thanks for this encouragement, Brianna. I needed the reminder today. Sometimes the great responsibility of mothering, and mothering well, seems monumental to me, but the Lord is our strength. Blessings!


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