Friday, February 01, 2008

To be or not to be...

So Jeannett informed me on Wednesday that I am "closet granola." Is this true? I hereby publicly confess that I:

--Now make my own baby food, often using organic vegetables.
--Shop somewhat regularly at Trader Joe's.
--Use Burt's Bees baby products (and will never use anything else again; I swear by this stuff!)
--Use several Method-brand household products (laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, glass cleaner, and counter cleaner--that unfortunately smells like "Old Spice").
--Eat tofu.
--Have considered (though do not currently plan on it) eventually homeschooling my kids.
--Most closely identify my parenting style with Attachment Parenting (especially love baby-wearing, and co-sleeping is great for babies and adopted kids.)

So does this make me "granola"? (I even love to eat granola!) In the interest of full disclosure I DON'T own Birkenstocks, I DIDN'T have a home-birth, I HAVE vaccinated my kids (though I did just order Dr. Sears' book on vaccines) confusing...I mean my hygiene is impeccable, I wear makeup and I like to shop at impersonal chain stores like GAP and Costco! Perhaps this is the beginning of an identity crisis for me--how exciting! I will be sure to let you know if I find any answers to this most intriguing question.


Jenny Fugler said...

I have a question about co-sleeping? Kinda silly, but since I'm expecting, just wondering... :-) I feel like I would want the bed just for my hubby and me... do the kids in the way? Or are your feelings different after having kids? Any thoughts? (PS- I really like your blog, too...)

Jeannett Gibson said...

You are totally a non-patchouli kinda way. Ha!

I feel the same way about my "granolaness"...I have my au-naturale things, but I also love PotteryBarn, Gap, and Coach purses. No hemp, birkenstocks, or dreadlocks here.

Joy said...

it's so funny that the words "how exciting" followed your possible identity crisis. it does seem that you have some granola tendencies but i don't think you truly qualify. do you shave your legs and your armpits? if the answer is yes then i don't think you are--plus you smell nice.


I was a little shocked when I first realized that I espouse many attachment parenting/natural living/granola philosophies without tyring too. Here I thought I was just trying to be different. I never realized I was a granola mom until it was too late. :)

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that you do not live in Los Osos means you are not granola. seriously.

Jodean said...

I just came across you blog and have really ejoyed reading it! My husband and I are currently waiting to adopt our first child from Vietnam. After reading your post, I'm starting to think I might have a few granola tendencies as well...

Rachel said...

I think you are just living life the best way you know how. Great job!

I find it is cheaper not to be "granola" and I have aspirations to buy Organic milk on a regular basis soon and things like that, but when my kid gulps down a gallon of milk a week, I would have to start selling all my wordly goods on ebay to keep it up!

Jenny, I think co-sleeping is such an individual decision. I have slept with my youngest on occasion since it it the easiest way to get her back to sleep when she is fussy, but in reality she is the only person who sleeps in the bed. I cannot sleep with my children in the bed at all! They sleep great though. We were more of the three weeks in a bassinet next to the bed and then straight to their crib kinda parents. Again, totally selfish, I cannot even sleep when they are in the same room as me. Good luck with your bundle of joy! You'll know what is best for your situation naturally.

Brianna Heldt said...

jenny, hi! i think people have all different feelings regarding cosleeping. when anna was born we felt it was really important for her to at the very least be in our room, so she slept in a bassinet right next to my side of the bed, i'd feed her in bed throughout the night and often she would end up sleeping there. with kaitlyn it was the same. we felt that our babies needed to feel secure and be near mommy and daddy to do so. once each of them was sleeping through the night, then we switched to the crib in another room. now anna (nearly 4!) will occasionally sleep with us (bad dream, loud storm, etc.) and it is always so special.

when we first brought our sons home they were 16 mos. old, and there were two of them :), so we didn't set out to cosleep although i wish we could have. they went through a time of grief so if one would wake up mournfully crying we'd immediately get him and pull him into bed with us. it was so special in those early months of being home to comfort them and bond in this way. (looking back, if i had it to do over, i'd somehow find a way to have them at least sleeping in our room.)

kevin and i never felt like our "marriage bed" was being invaded or anything like that.:) but some people do, so it's different for everyone. they make these things that attach to the side of the bed so you can cosleep without running the risk of rolling on your baby or something, which seem cool.

i've found that with parenting (the limited experience i have with it!) so much of it is trial and error, seeing what feels right and works for your family. you guys will love it, and you'll be great!

Kristen Borland said...

okay, so i had never heard the term "granola" before but guessed immediately what you meant by it. there's lots of terms i've never heard before, and i'm often baffled as to why i've never heard them before!

also, what is method-brand household products? i'm seriously in some household cleaner identity crisis right now. have no idea what i want to use or why. trying the natural method and wondering if vinegar really does in fact disinfect.

loved your survey in the next post too!

Brianna Heldt said...

kristen, method is a brand of cleaner that is pretty much all natural--check out their website, honestly i think it works well, smells GREAT, looks pretty :), and is non-toxic (peace of mind with kids in the house.) there's so much controversy over the toxicity of cleaners and i have no clue what's real and what's not. BUT i like method and wholeheartedly recommend it (tho stay away from the seasonal scent "cinnamon bark", it smells awful!)

you can buy it at target and linens n things, not sure where else. do you still kaboom???

Angela said...

I'm a pottery barn loving granola girl, too! ;) Even thinking of cloth diapers this time around!
whoa! and... i'm homeschooling.
move to colorado...move to colorado...move to colorado... :)

Tamara said...

Oh my goodness that is the best term ever! I was just chatting with my other friend about how I feel conflicted, that I want to improve my impact on the environment (7th Generation is what I use, I love that it recommends drinking "a large glass of water" if you accidently ingest it) and I think better nutrition (organic, no horomones, supplements for deficiencies) is the key to healing some of Gregory's issues. And I DO homeschool, for Gregory's health... But on the other hand I vaccinate with no thought (terrible I know, but in my defense, Gregory already has one lung, so not much room for risking the diseases we are trying to protect against) and if it werent for epidurals and ultrasounds, I would never have kids.
I think it comes down to my computer. I love it too much... seriously, 60 days of my husband at sea is easier than 60 days waiting for my computer to come back from Hawaii.... and I don't think true granolas embrace technology. So my vote is, while I try hard to do what I think is best for my kids, I am not even close to moving to a compound in the boonies, and name the trees.

Kristen Borland said...

brianna, i use kaboom if i really have too. but with the kiddos, there aren't many opportunities to clean when they aren't around and trying to "help". and i freak out if they touch any of the chemical cleaners. i'll check out this method stuff. that sounds like a good solution.

yeah, i try to avoid anything cinnamon scented anyway--it's one thing i couldn't stand when i was pregnant with our first miscarriage, so it's got a bad association!

Anonymous said...

Hi provide good advice, Girl! Very common nice to see in such a young person!

I read your blog every so's nice to see someone with a good, solid head on their shoulders without being preachy, self serving, or overly dramatic!

I'm not a great fan of co-sleeping...mostly because my kids wiggled around too much and kept me awake. But like you, bad dreams or not feeling well were good reasons for cuddles.

Hats off to you,'re an awesome mother!!! Enjoy your blog!


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