Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This morning

Anna: Yosef is dark brown, Binny is light brown. I'm peach, and you're peach, and Daddy's peach, and Kaitlyn's peach.

Me: Yes Anna, that is how God has made all of us!

Anna: I want brothers to be peach too.

Me: How come? Why do you want your brothers to be peach?

Anna: Because I want them to be like me! I want us to be the same.

Moments and conversations like these are so precious to me. I love that Anna loves her brothers and approaches life with innonence and honesty. I also feel like these moments are straight from God, because then I get to share about how God has made us all special, that God made Yosef and Biniam's beautiful brown skin, and our beautiful peach skin too. That God loves beauty and is a good, creative God.
I used to think talks like these would be awkward, but they're not--they're natural, and precious, and important.

Having a multiracial family is a blessing in countless ways. This is just one of them--having meaningful conversations with my four year old daughter about God's design, and knowing that most likely she will grow up free from some of the social, racial and cultural barriers that so many of us experience.


graceling said...

Don't these moments just break your heart with their preciousness?

Emily B. said...

I read on another blog somewhere (sorry, whoever it was!) that she liked to use this opportunity to also do other comparisons: who has "dark" hair vs. light or brown eyes vs. green etc so her little ones saw that the adopted children weren't always the only family members that were different. In fact mom was the only blond, dad was the only lefty, daughter was the only one with green eyes and ALL of the kids had curly hair. I could see how it could make kids feel more included versus different if it ever becomes a concern. Keep up the good work!

Kristen Borland said...

beautiful. :)

Christy said...

I just love reading your blog! I really do! You guys are awesome!

shell said...

Just love it. Sounds like the conversations around here. I thought they would be awkward too, but I love how normal they are.

Angela said...

we've been living and reliving this same 'peach' and 'brown' conversation around here, too! ;)


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