Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kids helping other kids

This news story is about a project my dad's sixth-grade class is doing this year. The students build websites for organizations and individuals for a donation, and all the proceeds go to the humanitarian work that Adoption Advocates International does for orphans in Ethiopia.
Ever since we began the process to adopt three years ago, my dad's class has participated in a humanitarian project in Africa--first buying bicycles for children in Kenya, then last year sponsoring a child in Ethiopia, and now doing this.

I'm just beaming with pride, of course. Go Dad!

Pretty cool that students at this little country school are learning web design while also gaining an awareness of the global orphan crisis, international adoption, and the AIDS crisis affecting much of Africa.

And if you want a website to support this awesome program, click here!


Jacquelyn said...

What a compassionate family you have!

Kristen Borland said...

very cool!

joy said...

how great is he? i didn't know your dad is a teacher--how fun. i totally have a soft spot for teachers--there's this one in particular that really has my heart.

Dawn said...

This is tremendous!


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