Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well isn't that the truth

Last night I was spending some much needed (by both of us) one-on-one time with Biniam as I was tucking him in. He said he wanted me to tell him a story, of when he was a baby. I started out by telling him (as I have before) that when he was a baby he lived in Ethiopia, in his first mommy's tummy with Yosef. That's when he enthusiastically interjected,

"Yeah! She had a big belly full of babies!"

(I cannot fathom what that 9 months must have been like for this dear, dear woman...but I have a feeling that with Yosef and Biniam in such close proximity to each other, it could not have been easy!)


joy said...

what a sweet pic of biniam. we sure miss you guys. he's too funny and what a true statement.

Angela said...

that is so cute...
and you make me laugh!


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