Friday, October 24, 2008

Updates from around the house

Here are some pictures of what we've been working on. First, some of our new appliances. Our kitchen cabinets are still pretty bad, but the appliances make everything look much nicer! And best of all, they work so well! (We're planning on resurfacing the cabinets, but it's not at the top of the priority list for now.)
No picture of them, but our front-loading washer and dryer are great too! Things are coming along slowly but surely with our home. God is teaching me patience in a major way, and that is good! So many things are taking longer because I was sick, and now Anna, Kaitlyn and I are sick with some cold thing. Anna has it worst, poor thing!

Before we moved we gave the twin bed back to our wonderful friends, that we'd been borrowing for Anna, and my parents gave me MY twin bed that I grew up using, for Anna. Since it was old and a little yellowed, and because I didn't want brass bedknobs, I decided to refinish it. I couldn't find bedknobs for it that weren't brass or wood, so I just painted them a sky-blue color, and painted the headboard and footboard white.

Then I made her a duvet cover out of some fun sheets I found at WalMart (and they can also be found at Jennifer's house. Angela, I still can't figure out how to thread the bobbin so I just used the thread already in there, even though it wasn't the exact color I wanted! Ha!) Anna's room is painted a greenish color called "Sassafrass Tea". Nothing on the walls yet (how sad) but that will be coming! The bedroom also still needs baseboards, a finished door, closet doors, the brushwork completed, and the trim around the windows painted, but those are all just details, right?! (The lighting in these pictures is pretty bad--it was nighttime.) I found that green bookshelf at a flea market, and the wall-hanging sitting on it (that still needs to be hung) on clearance at Target for $3--and it totally matches the bedding!

Yosef and Biniam's room is painted, but much to my painting-husband's dismay...I don't like the color. Turns out "Basic Beige" is too light and too boring for my boys' room. I'd thought about doing some sort of blue, but their bedspreads are blue. Sigh. Anyway, I'm sure there will be many more pictures forthcoming!!!


Jeannett Gibson said...

TOO TOO cute! And SEWING???!!! My oh my, Emilie WoULD be proud!

Mike and Rachel said...

Don't feel badly about the empty walls. Ainsley is 18 months and I have had a stack of things to hang for about 21 months. We are horrible parents there is no way around it. My only defense was that I was planning on moving her crib to another wall and didn't want to hang anything until then, but yeah, neither happened. She won't remember anyway, right?

I cannot wait to see it in person. If everyone is well, the second Saturday in November works for us (8th)?

Emily B. said...

OOH- pretty oven. Our oven is the only non-matching appliance in our kitchen but I can't justify spending the money when ours still works... hoping it breaks soons so I can get a pretty oven too :)

darci said...

what a beautiful princess room for a beautiful little girl. and sweet appliances! i miss my gas stove. :)
ok, it looks a little far out, but we love 'dill pickle' by Benjamin looks great with ezri's pink and brown bedding, and it would look great in a little boys room with blue, too. :) It's kind of fun-i'm with you on 'basic beige'. :)

Brianna Heldt said...

ohhh darci i'll have to take a look! and yeah, i guess i should have known that a color with the name "basic beige" would be, well, rather "basic"!!!

Shana said...

very cute! I love Anna's bed spread. And I think it's so sweet that she is using your old bed.

Angela said...

Awww!! LOVE it ALL and can't wait to see it in person. Totally having appliance envy right now... :) SO happy for you that it is all coming together!
OH... I never figured out the bobbin thing either...I actually asked for help from a neighbor, and she couldn't figure it out either, and now my tension is messed up, too... sigh. I need to take it in. She ended up taking my blankets home with her and heming them herself on her machine!! SO SO nice of her! :) Maybe I'll ask for sewing classes for my birthday! :)


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